Monday, November 02, 2009

Morning in Vana'diel: Playing Catch Up.

Morning in Vana'diel is your daily dose of FFXI and all things Vana'diel. Give us your thoughts on the interesting topics of the day! I have been gone and now I am back. I have a lot to cover so this may take a few days.

Ok, so I missed quite a bit in the last couple of weeks. At the same time there was a not much but also a whole lot of new information available depending on how you look at the situation. The announcements from SE weren't ground-breaking but the pre-download for the coming update had a lot more for us to look at than anything we have seen in a while.

Speaking of which, the November update is taking a weird path. Normally, we just get the update and that's it, but this time it looks to be coming in three parts. Whether you know it or not you already have the first part of the update. You probably downloaded it last Friday. And it wasn't just some little nothing patch, it had a ton of new gear that I will be posting about soon enough. The next update is coming on November 9th and it is going to be your standard update, with the servers coming down and your normal update. Then later in the month we are getting another update that is going to require the servers coming down again.

My thoughts are that they are going to have the job adjustments and other minor things done along with the Shantotto expansion at the beginning of the month and then they are going to take the rest of the month to prep whatever it is that is going to involve all this new gear that was in the first update. That's just my guess, but it's only about a week until the first of those updates so we don't have long to wait.


Anonymous said...

Hi everyone, just a little tarukiss on the way for give some news. well, guys you are horribly missing me ><. Since last time that i leave for change city and start a new life (make this change just before the crisis wasn t a good choise lol). Well i returned to school for change my professionnal orientation and i have done my first season at hotel receptionnist (now the staff of the hotel know how look a taru, a mog ... soo funny). Well, normally i have found an etablissement 4* for make a winter season but can t find a long contract for get an appartement and can play like before, the job market is actually a real pain in the ass. Soo definitively my hope to can come back is almost done. I am really sad and i almost have the tear coming when i found on my computer my old FF video or when i come look your blog. Well some weeks ago i got a little surprise to see the new FF14 video and i hope can restart a new adventure on it. Soo this little message for say that i don t and will never forget you guys. FF11 is and stay my best video game experience done like on game and human relationship. Even if i can t pass online, you have a little taru thinking to you ;)
omoi, r3 : taru kiss !!!
izman blm mouhahahaha you finally understand that blm >all (your gear set up look good from picture that i have see ;) don t forget mnd on stoneskin and haste on gravity bind macro ^^)
Big taru wave to everyone and who know maybe on FF14 :)

Ringthree said...

Hi Elfie! *HUGGLES* Can't wait to see you again as soon as you can get on either XI or XIV! :)