Thursday, October 29, 2009

We're back!

Omoi and I are back from vacation! Give us a day or two to get on top of all the information we have missed and expect a lot of new information from us, as well as Izman's personal rant about the BST changes!


JESS said...

Welcome Back !

Kimiko said...

How was the boat?

Elfaria said...

Hi everyone, just a little tarukiss on the way for give some news. well, guys you are horribly missing me ><. Since last time that i leave for change city and start a new life (make this change just before the crisis wasn t a good choise lol). Well i returned to school for change my professionnal orientation and i have done my first season at hotel receptionnist (now the staff of the hotel know how look a taru, a mog ... soo funny). Well, normally i have found an etablissement 4* for make a winter season but can t find a long contract for get an appartement and can play like before, the job market is actually a real pain in the ass. Soo definitively my hope to can come back is almost done. I am really sad and i almost have the tear coming when i found on my computer my old FF video or when i come look your blog. Well some weeks ago i got a little surprise to see the new FF14 video and i hope can restart a new adventure on it. Soo this little message for say that i don t and will never forget you guys. FF11 is and stay my best video game experience done like on game and human relationship. Even if i can t pass online, you have a little taru thinking to you ;)
omoi, r3 : taru kiss !!!
izman blm mouhahahaha you finally understand that blm >all (your gear set up look good from picture that i have see ;) don t forget mnd on stoneskin and haste on gravity bind macro ^^)
Big taru wave to everyone and who know maybe on FF14 :)

Ringthree said...

Kimiko, the boat was huge. Largest cruise ship in the world right now. :) We had a great time and it was the best vacation in my life! :)