Thursday, September 17, 2009

POL News: Buy My Product!

Ok, see I would never get that silly silver name tag. Not only did I balk at the price, but it's not really for me. I can't speak for other people that like silly jewelery and such, but even though I thought it was quite pricey it does fit in the price range for jewelry like this. The detail is pretty damn high and the quality definitely is better than something you would get out of a gum ball machine. So I am going to pass on the silver dog tags. I probably won't be passing on the other stuff that SE is peddling to us this week though. Ok, seriously, you can't play FFXI and not love chocobos. Even the most hardcore and cynical player looks at a baby chocobo and just melts. Even though it may look like nothing more than a little plastic toy that chirps, it's still stupidly cute and more importantly it comes with an even more stupidly cute stuffed chocobo in-game. I believe there is an internet term for this item: DO WANT! Ok, so you have the bling and the cute, but you need something for the collector (also called the nerd) and today SE is working to oblige. The second most cute thing in all of FFXI after a baby Chocobo is any kind of Taru. Taru are inherently cute (and in observing baby Taru they get more cute the older they get) and they have some pretty impressive heroes which are now coming in action figure form. Taru may be cute but did you know they were pretty oppressive and obnoxious for a good portion of their history? Yeah, wicked little cute things! The figures are going to come as a set of 4 for a decent $25 price tag. Included will be Yoble-kanoble or whatever that dude is from the past that is all bandaged up and looks freaky but also pretty kick ass, the Star Sybil who is the least relevant Taru to anyone NOT from Windurst, Shantotto who is the most kick ass Taru in existence, and that other Taru that I am sure Omoi is going to yell at me for not knowning who they are but I am sure they suck and no one cares. :)

Anyway, these products for the most part are definitely in the "not suck" category and I am probably going to pick up at least one of them considering they are pretty cheap for what you are getting.


JESS said...

great blog title !

Qtipus said...

You forgot to hock your FFXI Tutorial CDs.

I might get the Tarutaru set just so I can stomp on them.

Kimiko said...

I must disagree, Robel-Akbel (the Mummyaru) is more kick ass than Shantotto ever was or will be.

Blake said...

Chocobos are not cute, they are the opposite of cute. They sit there looking so fucking innocent but you just of these days they will turn on us all! They can only take so much chauffeuring your lazy asses around, and then one day someone will be cruising along la-di-da and then bam! The chocobo will stop and you go flying into a huge fucking tree...the chocobo then bashes your face in with it's beak and eats your brains!

The chocobo revolution has begun. Next thing you know there are chocobos with swords and shit all up in Jeuno and Whitegate just killin bitches not looking back! Stomping little bitch ass tarus...hangin mithras up by their tails...ignoring the humes cause seriously who would role play a hume lul...chopping off those fucking pointy elvaan ears and running around pretending to be Spock...Gutting those fat ass galka bitches and wearing them as fur coats...when it's all said and done we'll be the ones waiting at the tele crystals and at the gates waiting to take the chocobos wherever they need to be.

B to the G

Dibble said...

I think "POL News: Support the FF14 development fund" would have been a better title myself.

Cos sure as shit they ain't putting the cash into FF11.