Thursday, September 03, 2009

Morning in Vana'diel: Shantotto is Coming!

Morning in Vana'diel is your daily dose of FFXI and all things Vana'diel. Give us your thoughts on the interesting topics of the day! Shantotto is coming to take over the world, are you ready?

In the very near future we should be hearing about the coming release of A Shantotto Ascension on the FFXI website. The story actually looks a little more interesting than the last two mini-expansion-scenario-things, and Shantotto is definitely a much more colorful character than Boy Aldo that is for sure. While it would be rather annoying and disappointing if this mini-expansion was in the same fetch quest vein as the first two mini-expansions there is a good chance the story will be of the same quality of the first two mini-expansions. Even those that decried the tedium of the questing in the first two mini-expansions admitted the stories were still rather intriguing and up to snuff.

While storyline and questing can be fun for something, the gear is usually what motivates people to get going with these mini-expansions. The first scenario offered a new body piece that replicated or only slightly improved stats over what was available for most jobs. The second mini-expansion definitely offered a lot more flavor in what was available stat-wise. I am hoping that the next expansion follows this and tosses in some stats that are surprising or useful for a new slot. The graphics for the new head and body pieces tend from pretty awesome (the new mage coat) to gaudy and out of character for FFXI (the new mage hat), but they were both in slots that let you see them all the time.

For Shantatto's expansion I have to wonder what they are going to do next. Legs seems like the next option that would let you see the new gear but I don't know how exciting it is too just see some new legs. It could be something else, a belt, a back piece, but you don't really see those so who knows. It could even be a new weapon, which would be pretty neat, but runs the risk of making everyone all cranky because weapons across almost all jobs have a tendency to make people freak out, mages especially. Either a mage weapon is going to be better than elemental staffs or not. If it is better, then you have a bunch of angry mages, if it is worse, then you have a bunch of angry mages.

No one wants angry mages. That's scary. :(

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samo said...

I'm hoping to see some hands slot augmentable equip....seems as if every DD either wears dusk gloves or homam. I guess the same could be said with pants as well...haidate or homam. Maybe a balanced haste/att/acc piece for us DDs? Mages at least have some variance of gear according to jobs...whm with blessed...blm or rdm with morrigans..all we see on every DD is dusk and haidate.same crap for almost every job that can wear em...I'm tired of my movement speed going to crap with my dusk gloves...maybe throw in a movement speed augment, for say....SAMURAI!!! Someone at SE please read this....