Friday, September 04, 2009

The Beholder's Eye: Cascade Edellaine by the stars.

Welcome to Beholder’s Eye, a column dedicated to the beautiful vistas and interesting events in FFXI. This column brings us pictures from all over Vana’diel, from the people of Vana’diel. From the most mundane spots to the most inaccessible places, there will be pictures of it all. If you have a great picture then send it to us and we will use it!

The forgotten beauty of the Tavnazian Archipelago was hidden for over twenty years due to the Crystal War and the catastrophe in Tavnazia. That beauty was once again revealed after the introduction to the Chains of Promathia. There are wonders beyond the normal world of Vana'diel here, including Riverne Site and the cliff overhanging old Tavnazia. The most wondrous though has to be the waterfall in the far north of Misareaux Coast.

This night time shot was submitted by Stardust of Odin (my home server too!) and does a wonderful job of capturing all the beauty in the shot. I absolutely love these zones. The music, the land, even the special touches like the dragons flying around all brought this amazing zone together. It also had an eery feeling, not inspiring dread, but more inexplicable sadness. You could tell by the ambiance here that even though now complacent and serene that there once had been a terrible tragedy in this place. The waterfall does much to capture this feeling. At the same time inspiring and uneasy, as if the water cascading down were the tears of the casualties of other's horrible decisions.

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