Friday, August 07, 2009

Beholder's Eye: Parradamo Tor in the Morning.

Welcome to Beholder’s Eye, a column dedicated to the beautiful vistas and interesting events in FFXI. This column brings us pictures from all over Vana’diel, from the people of Vana’diel. From the most mundane spots to the most inaccessible places, there will be pictures of it all. If you have a great picture then send it to us and we will use it!

Today’s picture is of the Parradamo Tor, the great hill that rises in eastern Attohwa Chasm. It is so imposing that it can be seen as soon as you leave the caves around the Chasm itself. In the morning light of Vana’diel it is a sight to be seen, surrounded at its base with many different crags and rock formations spilling and spouting miasma to block your way to the base. Climbing the Tor is a requirement for anyone that wants to do the CoP missions and it can be a pain for the inexperienced or the unskilled climbers. But once you reach the top you can witness some of the great views of the zone and even peer into the Cradle of Rebirth at the top.

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