Tuesday, July 14, 2009

You Are Not Your Selene' Bow.

You are not your... is a series of articles dedicated to profiling a variety of equipment. Brought to you every Monday, this series will discuss why it is a good piece of gear, why it fills your needs, why you should get it or any other reason it could be useful. It could be something obvious, or it could be something off the beaten path, but it will always be useful in some way or another. A day late, but not short of anything, this week we bring you a bow made from the souls of cute, innocent bunnies. Hey, you requested it! Not me!

This weeks "You Are Not Your..." comes by request from Leybot, the Selene's Bow.

The Stats: The Selene's Bow on it's face looks decent, but nothing that exceptional, but seems to be quite a trend for this column. The design is a plain wooden looking bow with the same design as an Eurytos' Bow but with slightly lower base stats and none of the extra Ranged Attack. The base damage is slightly higher than the E Bow, but it must be said that the extra STR on the E Bow pretty much makes up for that because not only does it add a little more Ranged Attack, but it also is half of a fSTR point for ranged, which means it is half way to the next increase in weapon damage because of STR. The Selene's Bow does fall behind quite a bit with it's higher delay though. The most interesting thing about the Selene's Bow though is the comment of "Ranged Accuracy and Ranged Attack varies with the phases of the moon" on the weapon.

Normally this just isn't a good stat, but in the case of the Selene's Bow SE made an exception. So as you can see, depending on the moon phase you can actually get pretty close to the E bows normal stats, but in the wrong moon phase you aren't going to get much beside the additional Accuracy, which is nice for making sure that Sidewinder always lands but not for your damage. The difference in damage was rather famously noted in the following graph: The most interesting thing about the Selene's Bow though is that because of it's higher delay it is much easier to get a 5-hit build for it. The debate for a 5-hit build in XP and HNM situations is too much for this column and should be saved for another day.

The Get: This is a lot more interesting than most of the items in this column. The Selene's Bow is a rather rare drop from White Coney and Black Coney. These are NM's in Uleguerand Range that are spawned by trading a San d'Orian Carrot to a randomly moving targetable object called "Rabbit Footprint" that only appears during Full and New Moon. During Full Moon trading the Carrot will cause White Coney to appear, and during New Moon Black Coney will appear. White Coney tends to spam the healing move Wild Carrot and Black Coney will spam only damaging TP moves. The Coney's can generally be duoed but the Black Coney can be a bit tough because it can use Whirl Claws which can do decent AoE damage. Just keep spawning them until it finally drops your Selene's Bow.

If you like this series, but are wondering why you never see the items you are looking for, then leave a comments and we might just feature you favorite item next week!


Evilpaul said...

I think Black Coney may have a Regain effect, possibly only during blizzards, as it had TP when it shouldn't when I was soloing it as Black Mage.

Not 100% sure though.

leybot said...

Great read! Thanks, Ringthree!

Looking forward to see if S-Bow is viable for a 5-hit build. I'm 2/5 on the Cobra Unit gear with some Allied Notes to burn and also a few sub-missions away from Rajas Ring.

I'm 7k exp away from O-Bow, so I'll only be using it when S-Bow isn't as buff.

leybot said...

Hmmmm, would this work?