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POL News: When Moogles Attack!

SE has delivered on another idea that is about 5 years too late. The concept with the new event is that you can play your own in game events, control the positioning of moogles (that can transform into other things) and set up your own design for the event. You can place these moogle/objects by using the Pendant Compass to determine their locations. I believe in this case other people will have to use their imagination for what they can do because mine isn't really coming up with much.

It is a pretty original design and something I haven't seem in many MMO's up to date, but I have definitely not experienced them all. The only problem so far? Well, I believe that part of the page for selecting the items that you want to place is glitched at the moment. Also, I have no idea how easy it is to sign up for this event, get an event approved or how successful the event will be.

To those that are going to test it, good luck! I am going to be hiding in my Mog House. Check below the cut for the full details.

Player Event Support is a service that allows players to have moogles added to their events through a simple application process.

Much of the charm in player events comes from the diversity found in the many different players’ plans and event details.

Even veterans who have traversed every square foot of Vana’diel and defeated the most powerful enemies can be shocked and thrilled by an event they have never experienced before.
Likewise, beginners who have yet to experience the depth of the world of Vana’diel can make their names heard far and abroad with their ingenious event planning ideas.

An example of player events that are being conducted now would be the games, quizzes, and dramatic performances that players from across the Worlds conduct for their fellow adventurers.
These kinds of events were born from free-thinking players’ ideas, which have been widely accepted among the player community, and are now regularly conducted throughout Vana’diel.

Player Event Support isn’t just limited to large-scale events, but is also used by players for things such as unique weddings that don’t use the Wedding Support service or chocobo races that span players’ favorite backdrops. Whether just a small meeting between linkshell members, a celebration of an anniversary with friends, or a lecture for beginner adventurers, the opportunities are truly endless.

Any player’s idea can blossom into a new and amazing event!

We in the Operations Team strongly believe that events like these are essential to the growth of the FINAL FANTASY XI community.
These player-run events have established a whole new way of enjoying life in Vana’diel and we wish from the bottom of our hearts that, through them, you can enjoy FINAL FANTASY XI more deeply and richly than ever before.

For all of you who have thought "I’d like to experience an event where..." or "This event could be so much better if...", we present the Player Event Support service!

Support Availability

Possible Date of Support

Every day except Tuesday

*If you would like to hold an event that occurs over several days, please apply for each day separately. Make sure that the same person applies for each day. If a different person applies for the same event, the applications may be rejected.

*If an event cannot be held due to emergency maintenance, the host will be contacted to discuss the event’s rescheduling.

Time of Support

Players can designate the following times for moogle placement and removal

US (Daylight Saving Time)
4:00pm – 12:00am (PDT)
Moogle Placement: 4:00pm – 11:00pm
Moogle Removal: From 1 hour after the time of placement until 12:00am

US (Standard Time)
3:00pm – 11:00pm (PST)
Moogle Placement: 3:00pm – 10:00pm
Moogle Removal: From 1 hour after the time of placement until 11:00pm


Hosts can set appearance, placement area, and dialogue for the miraculous shape-shifting moogles.
The following can be configured.

Moogle Appearance

Appearances can be selected from the menu on the application form.

Placement Area

The following areas can be selected.

Carpenters' Landing Bibiki Bay Uleguerand Range Bearclaw Pinnacle
Attohwa Chasm Lufaise Meadows Misareaux Coast Wajaom Woodlands
Bhaflau Thickets Nashmau West Ronfaure East Ronfaure
La Theine Plateau Valkurm Dunes Jugner Forest Batallia Downs
North Gustaberg South Gustaberg Konschtat Highlands Pashhow Marshlands
Rolanberry Fields Beaucedine Glacier Xarcabard Cape Teriggan
Eastern Altepa Desert West Sarutabaruta East Sarutabaruta Tahrongi Canyon
Buburimu Peninsula Meriphataud Mountains Sauromugue Champaign Sanctuary of Zi'Tah
Ro'Maeve Yuhtunga Jungle Yhoator Jungle Western Altepa Desert
Qufim Island Southern San d'Oria Northern San d'Oria Port San d'Oria
Chateau d'Oraguille Bastok Mines Bastok Markets Port Bastok
Metalworks Windurst Waters Windurst Walls Port Windurst
Windurst Woods Ru'Lude Gardens Upper Jeuno Lower Jeuno
Port Jeuno Rabao Selbina Mhaura
Kazham Norg

The Pendant Compass, which is used to obtain the coordinates, cannot be used in areas where moogles cannot be placed.

[ The Pendant Compass ]
Pendant Compasses can be purchased from the NPCs selling linkshells in San d’Oria, Bastok, and Windurst.

[ Obtaining Coordinates ]
Equipping a Pendant Compass and using it will display your coordinates as seen in the following image.

Please enter the coordinates displayed in the chat log window on your event support application.

*If the coordinates are entered incorrectly, your application may be rejected. Please be aware that, depending on the coordinates you have chosen, we may slightly alter the placement location or angle of your moogles.

[ Number of Moogles ]
A maximum of 4 moogles can be placed for a single event.
Moogles can be placed across multiple areas, but in general, they are limited to the area where the event is being held.

[ Message Settings ]
The moogles' messages can be entered within 106 bytes.
If you do not enter a message, whether in your native language or in any foreign languages, the following auto-translator message will automatically be displayed to players in their respective languages.

"This object has been placed for use in Player Event Support."

Receiving Support

If you would like to receive player event support, please carefully read the guidelines and apply using the application form.
If there are multiple qualifying event applications for the same date, the events to receive support will be decided by lottery.

[ Step 1 ]
First of all, we have to plan an event that everyone can enjoy!

[ Step 2 ]
To make the event even better, apply for player event support!

[ Step 3 ]
The Operations Team will review the details of your application.
In the event that multiple qualifying applications are scheduled for the same date, the event to take place will be determined via a draw. An application may be rejected if the event details deviate from the guidelines. In both cases, you will be contacted, and we encourage you to re-apply after changing the date of the event or altering the event details.

[ Step 4 ]
If there are no problems with the event details or the desired date, your support will be approved! The Operations Team will work on the requested object placement to help enhance your event experience.
We hope that you will experience events that will remain in your memories forever.

The Operations Team will review your event details before deciding whether you qualify for support. If there are multiple event applications for the same date or it is decided that your event details deviate from the guidelines, your application may be rejected.

Support Availability

Player Event Support is a service that allows players to have moogles added to their events through a simple application process.

As a general rule, the Operations Team does not provide support other than moogle setting and placement.
Event planning and progress, as well as management during the day of the event, is to be handled by the player(s) holding the event.

*If during the event, it is decided that non-participants’ gameplay is being hindered due to congestion or disorder caused by the event, the Operations Team may intervene to rectify the situation. In such a situation, please follow GM instructions immediately.


Please make sure the event’s host applies for Player Event Support.

The host must possess an account that can be logged into FINAL FANTASY XI from the time that the event starts until the time that the event ends.

The Operations Team will be in charge of all contact with the host from the time that the event has been approved until the time that the event ends. Please be aware that an event may be cancelled if the host cannot be reached.

The desired date for holding an event can be selected from 14 to 7 days before the date of the event.
After this submission period has ended, the applications will be reviewed in the order they were received and, if necessary, selected via a draw.

The host will be contacted by e-mail regarding the results of the review/draw and whether or not the event was approved. The host will be contacted if the event cannot be held for any reason.

*After altering the event details and date/time, you can re-apply for an event any number of times.

Holding an Event

Please be aware that support will be canceled if the event host does not log in on the day of the event.

If for any reason, holding the event is difficult for the host, please contact us by the day before the event by replying to the e-mail notifying that your event was approved.

Support Time Period

The times for the event will be decided by the event host, but moogles can only be placed between 4:00pm and 11:00pm(PDT)/3:00pm – 10:00pm(PST) and moogles can be removed from 1 hour after they have been placed until 12:00am(PDT)/11:00pm(PST).

Once a specific time has been reached or the event has ended, the moogles will be removed. Please be aware that the host will not be contacted about this.

Applications for support over several days will follow the same moogle placement rules described above for each of the days.

Moogles (Objects)

An event will not be approved if we are unable to verify the locations where the moogles are to be placed. Please be careful to correctly enter the coordinates obtained with your Pendant Compass when applying.

If you would like to change the moogles’ message, placement locations, or appearances, please contact the Operations Team by e-mail up until the day before the event.
Once a moogle has been placed, its message, placement location, and appearance cannot be changed.

The moogle message entered in the application will be used as-is unless there is a significant problem with the service. Please apply after you have carefully decided on your message.

*The Operations Team will not translate or correct any of the non-English messages that have been set. We recommend that the host confirms that the text being used is correct and appropriate.

Event Details

Events may not qualify for support if they:

Contain content that may be considered harmful to the FINAL FANTASY XI theme and setting.

Contain content that is considered offensive to public order and morals.

Contain content that criticizes specific individuals, groups, or organizations.

Are being held for money-making or other commercial purposes.

Have a real-money reward for winning the event.

Discriminate against any specific player by forbidding their participation in the event.

Require Player Event Support without requiring innovation or organization on the part of the requesting player.

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