Thursday, July 30, 2009

Morning in Vana'diel: I'm Quitting! See you in 2 months.

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Through the rumour mill it would appear that a certain Ace tank has had his interest piqued enough to want to return back to the sunny shores of FFXI for I think.. the 4th time now? Which got me to ruminating.

One of the most common things you see in the people who "quit" is a declaration, "This is it guys, I'm leaving" followed by the obligatory dispersal of gear to the AH or various friends who you can either use as a repository for your gear while you are MIA or just because you are feeling generous.

Of those that actually do make a decided departure from the game, a good number of them end up returning, maybe not as intensively as they used to or even as consistently, but more often than not it seems as though the "I am quitting the game" is followed by the inevitable rejoinder of "Yeah yeah, see you in a month when you get bored/split with your girlfriend/realise that hanging around with us is really THAT much more fun".

I don't know if I would say it is necessarily an addiction, but great company and experiences is a lure that is extremely inviting, why is it so strange to consider that FFXI might have replay value? I mean, it isn't that uncommon for people to go back to single player games and replay them over and over. Sure, single player is far easier to put down. Its a once time-through thrill and then you go back, pick up every single last health pack you missed the first time around for that 100% completion score that merely proves your anal retentiveness, that apparently is latent in all gamers to some degree.

So what is it about FFXI that makes us that much more uptight about it when people quit, and the sheer shiver of delight that gets you dancing with glee at the return of a player? The human connection and interraction is an aspect of uncharted and dangerous territory that we sign into every single day when we spam through the Yes-yes-just-let-me-get-into-the-game-life?-that-happens-to-other-people menus, could that possibly be the answer to this line of thought? Dangerous ground to go on, no-one wants to admit to emotions any more, for fear of being called emo or frigid, or any middle ground between that.

But at the end of the day, its the people you hang out with every day that make FFXI fun, not the game right? LoL who said school was fun, it was the joking around with your mates that made the days swim by. Everything else was just a frame to hang that on.

What are your thoughts on the quit/unquit sagas that take place. Are you a drama queen who posts on every forum to announce you are leaving or do you just vanish into the ether never to be heard from again? Leave a comment and let us know your opinions!


Anonymous said...

definitely a vanisher - i play solo pretty much exclusively to begin with.
my favorite "i'm quitting" posts for any game are the ones with the super long bullet pointed explanation. after all that, it cracks me up when the 1st response is "can i have your stuff?"

Qtipus said...

I don't think I know anyone who has left FFXI that hasn't returned at least once.

For some people it's a matter of real life stuff that just eats up a lot of time, but for others, it's a matter of attention and ego. I've always contended that anyone who goes out to a mainstream forum (KI in it's hey-day comes to mind) to post a wall-o-text about their exodus from FFXI is just crying out for attention.

The lure back to the game for these sorts of people is that once all the goodbye attention has worn off, they start to seek it again in another form. If that doesn't come to fruition...then hell, I got a lot of attention in my goodbye thread on KI, so I may as well reactivate that content ID, make a few more friends, then quit again!~

It doesn't take a broadcast bulletin across every major news network to let people know you're leaving. I've always said when I leave, I was just going to put up a short note on the linkshell boards I'm a member of and leave it at that.

Blake said...

I almost quit for an entire year this time!

I'd say that's pretty good.


LD said...

He came back so that we could level our baby characters on Kujata - but he's too emo to take BG over there so he made a new TARU (D:) named Littlegalvin.


Omoikitte said...

LoL, well I am glad Bg hasn't moved off Odin. Although Taru!? LOL talk about going the other direction, next you willb e saying he is a mage...

Dockrpto said...

Bg is a Taru now!?

Taru Paladin! rawr

Ringthree said...

He is a Taru on a different server. He won't be playing it much, especially once Omoi gets her internet back.

And because I am gonna euthanize that little sucker! :)

Kallo said...

"LoL who said school was fun, it was the joking around with your mates that made the days swim by."

I've used that same analogy before! =D

Miss you guys!