Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Preparing to use Spellcast for the first time.

So, I might have mentioned that I got my BLM to 75, but I might not have mentioned that my macros for BLM are in rough shape. I have come to the simple solution that no matter what I do I am going to have to use at least two sets of macros for BLM. This isn't too bad really because I don't have to flip through my BLM macros as fast as I do for my melee jobs and I have been doing it for a while now and I feel like I can do it fast enough to even do an emergency Stun if needed. That being said, I think it is time to fully embrace using Spellcast. Luckily, I am not going to have to dive right in and figure it out myself. I have someone that has offered to write up some Spellcast macros for me, and even if I didn't I could just use the User Submitted XML from the Windower website. I think it will be much easier to learn once I see how it works instead of trying to figure out XML on my own.

My BLM is very strangely equipped right now. I have a bunch of very good endgame gear, and even more coming as I round up the gil for more Imperial Wootz Ingots. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I have a bunch of really crappy gear that I will need to eventually replace. One of my rings look like I am an RMT from 2004. I do, at least, finally have my Moldavite Earring which is a big step for me from my old Cunning Earring. I want to thank Iz, Ice and Rock for helping me get the Moldy Earring. They waited around in the Labyrinth of Onzozo for several hours just to help me get an item I should have gotten for myself a long time ago. :) I don't even have much of an XP buffer on my BLM yet, and I know that is something that is definitely required because everyone I know that has BLM at 75 is always dying. So I need a ton of XP on BLM and I need a bunch of merits too, which at least I am working on right now even though there are a bunch of other merits I need first. Ahh, my merit tangent appears again. Anyway, as I was saying I am ready to use Spellcast because dealing with BLM without it is going to be a huge pain in the ass. I can see this already and I haven't even really done anything on BLM yet, and I don't even have the gear that Spellcast is mostly used for like Uggalepih Pendant or Sea Obi. I figure I should be on top of what I will need in the future and how to deal with it if I learn Spellcast now. Or at least have someone do it for me then poke around with it. Then if I could figure out how to make Text work for floating messages hopefully that will start me on a new project! :)


Iz said...

lol I want that card.

Anexia said...

I finally started using Spellcast when I got BLM to 75 and had a few obis/uggy pendant/relic pants, and really wish I would have started using it earlier. It's so much more enjoyable being able to make full use of the gear you put time and effort into creating!

Hopefully you enjoy it as much as I do! And it's really not too bad to edit/tweak on your own, though writing one from scratch would be a bit daunting I'd think.