Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Morning in Vana'diel: Sick days.

Morning in Vana'diel is your daily dose of FFXI and all things Vana'diel. Give us your thoughts on the interesting topics of the day! Today, Omoikitte is covering for Ringthree as he is DYING dramatically from a seasonal cold.

Yes, yes to all you hecklers, I am aware that I didn't post yesterday, but to be perfectly honest, illness sneaks up on you and I was very busy at work with no time to offer some entertaining or lucid comments on FFXI. So sue me ^.^

Since the topic of today is sickness, I thought I might expand a little on this as it is fairly pertinant at the present. Most of us have been playing FFXI for some time now, but do you ever get those days where you sign on.. and just don't know what to do with yourself.

A sort of strange fractious restlessness that infects everything you do, you can't settle to a single task and suddenly in the blink of an eye you have somehow wasted an entire day and accomplished nothing at all? You can get these spells irl as well as online, or are you far too busy and productively driven to ever be afflicted by that kind of vacuous ocillation of intent.

If you sit down and genuinely think about it, I never understand how people can say "I'm bored" when online, there is always always something to do. The problem is, can you be bothered to do it, not the fact that there is nothing to do. I know personally I usually have a long list of wants, needs and goals, ranging from crafting and farming to more merits or pieces of gear I need to camp, campaign medals to refresh after rather a lot of demotions, preparations for the next Versus event, quests that I have not yet completed or missions I need to do. Not everything in FFXI requires a party to do something, infact with the influx of new content from SE, a considerable amount of what is available to the low man or solo playing style has vastly increased.

Is this a sypmtom of idleness or something a bit more deep rooted? How do YOU fill your FFXI days? Post a comment, let us know! *grin*

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samsol the disturbed cabbie said...

Being that I deal with idleness in RL along with ffxi on occasion, I try to have a specific goal or list of things to do / can do to consume some of my down time. First thing I do when I log in to FF is say hi to the linkshell, see if anyones up to any mischief I can tag along for. Usually that's a negative, so I end up running to the crafting guild and accumulate some points to get my guild items. If by chance no events are happening after that, ill look into ways of making my char more complete. This time around, I need a mage/support job to cover most of the critical bases of setting up events/parties. So, leveling is another way to brun time, even if its boring, a complete character is more useful than someone who just has mnk leveled. Another good way of wasting time is farming, level thief for this, any other way is gimping yourself, and yes ring, you are your fucking assasin armlets. =) (except kallo and th-130)