Monday, June 08, 2009

Morning in Vana'diel: Dreams Are Meant to Be Crushed.

Morning in Vana'diel is your daily dose of FFXI and all things Vana'diel. Give us your thoughts on the interesting topics of the day! This morning we will crush all of your dreams.

So you wish that RDM could melee? That's not such a bad thing, if you keep it as a dream. Meleeing on RDM is not really that great an idea in FFXI because of the way that the job was designed but in the end it's not a bad dream. I mean it is not RDM's fault that they don't have the Accuracy or Attack or stats or gear to melee, but that is not a good reason to break from your dreams and make it a reality. You know this, and that is why you have a bunch of staffs at the top of your Gobbie Bag, but that dream makes you keep that dusty old sword stuffed in your Mog Satchel, just it case. Even though there are people that can't deal with the fact that there have been ten games since RDM's have seriously been able to melee and cast magic in a Final Fantasy game, the fact is that they just don't have the stats to do that in FFXI. The bad players may try to force others to deal with their dreams, but good players know that their dreams are just dreams.

That doesn't make the good players stop dreaming though! Even though a good player may know exactly how to play RDM as it exists in FFXI, that doesn't mean they don't wish they could be hacking and slashing and casting and everything at once. And RDM's aren't the only people that dream. Some NIN's wish they were more like THF's and less like PLD's. Some WAR's wish they were more like PLD and less like the rest of the melee. Some BLM's wish they could finally get a buff. And some PUP's wish they could finally get a party invite.

So what are your dreams? What do you wish SE would do for you? Do you have radical delusions of grandeur? Do you just have small favors that you wish SE would impart on you to make your day a little easier? Is there anything about your favorite job that you wish was just a little closer to the traditional Final Fantasy mold? Leave a comment and tell us about it!


Dantpup said...

"And some PUP's wish they could finally get a party invite."


Seriously though, every now and then I get on PUP and seek while I do FoV. I know I'll never ever in any way/shape/form get an invite, but its nice to dream~

Qtipus said...

I wish SE would allow DRGs to command their pets the same way a SMN or BST do. I've never understood why we can't order the blue rats to go attack something, disengage or sit.

I'm not saying we should get stuff like a BST's Reward or a SMN's auto-attack pooch, but having the ability to send the wyvern to attack a link and buy the DRG that's soloing a few extra seconds (if Call Wyvern is up again) could make soloing life a lot easier.

Anonymous said...


Khrone said...

Is it too much to ask of SE to write some automated program that will quickly ban characters that constantly spam us with RMT {/tell}s? T.T

Iz said...

I have a dream! In my dreams some things are meritable like provoke time down more weapon and magic merits. In this dream my BST can choose what tp moves the mob uses. In this land with my pal Nemo and Skip Gauge will actually do something on BST like maybe tell you a mobs weakness or some kind of use full stat like that instead of "you might be able to charm this mob, and why are you using this job ability?". But! the best thing in my dream is that I have a army of RDM and WHMs who do nothing but cure me! Muhahahaha!

Keith said... dream is to get a merit invite on my server as a monk. Why that may sound kind of funny, Ragnarok is in a lovely rut of 2H or GTFO.

It is more to satisfy my curiosity...since I drug the class up mostly solo back in the distortion or GTFO days, only to get to KRT levels and then having lolibri literally being discovered. At least that left me with besieged.

I guess the real dream is for most jobs (esp poor pup and thf) to have a shot at meriting what one considers "well". Although it is nice to have people to idly chat with in FoV and Campaign. XD

samsol said...

I wish FFXI would have items drop as they did in the old final fantasies. You know, go out and kill something or do some random quest, receive an item...not go out and do the same thing 9999999999999 times and get one drop for a group of 18. I wish drop rates would increase as well as having the difficulty of certain events increased. More people would have these rare uber weapons but it would belong to the group of skilled players, not some 12 year old that plays the game 18 hours a day and gets items because they're logged in.