Wednesday, June 10, 2009

POL News: SE and Stratics Want You To Do Your Homework.

Right after SE has an Art Fair on the POL website, they announce the Creative Writing contest over at Stratics. Seriously, when is the Junior High bake sale going to start?Anyway, on POL today SE has posted a creative writing contest that is being hosted by Stratics, and I just don't care. Honestly, I play a video game because I don't want to be reminded of my schooling experiences from 50 years ago. I have no idea who would ever do something like this, wasting their time writing a horrible fictional story *glances behind me to see if Kallo is going to stab me in the back*. Don't I pay SE to come up with story for me to enjoy?

Ok, maybe I am overdoing it a little, and I do know that there are people interested in this kind of thing. If you are one of those kind of people, then I have pity on your soul, but you can still head over to Stratics to read about the rules and send them your entry.


Evilpaul said...

Do people even have Stratics bookmarked?

Ringthree said...

Do people even know what Stratics is?