Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Morning in Vana'diel: Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Morning in Vana'diel is your daily dose of FFXI and all things Vana'diel. Give us your thoughts on the interesting topics of the day! Did you win anything good? I sure didn't.

I won a 5th place prize and a 4th place prize. The 5th place will probably be the Fafnir Statue, and the 4th place will be whatever can fetch the most on the AH at the time. That's pretty straight forward. I haven't really checked in with anyone yet, so I don't know what they have won besides Tuufless who won a goose egg, a big fat bagel, nadda, nothing, zilch. Poor Tuufies. :( I suppose a 4th and a 5th place prize is much better than I did last year when I was in the same boat as Tuufless. My Fafnir statue will keep me company late at night when my Moogle is doing sinister and evil things.

I knew I wasn't going to win, it's the nature of probability working against me. The funny thing for me are all the people that pin their hopes and their dreams on the Mog Bonanza. The people that say they will get a relic if they win, and then actually get upset that they won't get a relic because they lost. These kind of people are in for a world of disappoint in their lives if they keep thinking that way. There are only two ways to get a relic for 99% of people, the lesser taken path: working hard, saving up, and focusing on the goal, and the more common path: steal, cheat and/or manipulate people and then fuck them over after they get what they want then switch servers. I am a bright shining star of cynicism and joy this morning, can you tell? :)

So what did you win? Any big winners out there? Anyone else like me or Tuufless, and didn't win anything of importance? Leave us a comment and tell us what you won!


Yoteo said...

I got a rank 4, and 3 rank 5's.
Going with the statue though? I'm likely going to pick up some of the pop items for those fanfest events, as I think they will be fun.

Omoikitte said...

Pfft, considering I picked all your numbers I think you did pretty well, and its a huge improvement over the big fat 0 that MOST of the population will get.

Sure its not great getting the MAIN prize but 74 people got that out of EVERYONE, /shrug. Should be happy at least you got something cool in 2 ranks.

Tuufless said...

I got my one Fafnir statue. I'm quite happy with the way it looks, too. ^^

Evilpaul said...

I won 3 Rank 5s. Two on my main one on my mule. I'm thinking EXP scrolls and an Adamantoise Statue to commemorate all those times I killed it for no egg drop.

Qtipus said...

Got Rank4 x1, and Rank5 x9.

I also had a marble with 19366 on it.

...mother fuckers.

Drac said...

Put me down for a big, steaming pile of zilch.

If I'd have thought about it beforehand, I coulda made sure each marble ended in a different number so I could at least guarantee a rank 5 but oh well. It's only 20K down the drain, right?

Anonymous said...

Won 5/30 marbles which I thought was pretty good,

Three Rank5's and two Rank4's, was one number off on Rank2 though >.<...

I had a marble that was 2004 instead of 3004... --; If only my finger had slipped a little bit more to the right!

Gawayne said...

Out of 240 marbles:
2 x rank 4
24 x rank 5

Of course, since I basically picked my numbers to cover every last 2 digits at least twice, this was pretty much the expected result ^^;

And of course I decided to do so after I already bought marbles for my main; so my main got zilch :/