Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Morning in Vana'diel: Too Much for Too Many.

Morning in Vana'diel is your daily dose of FFXI and all things Vana'diel. Give us your thoughts on the interesting topics of the day! Today, what are we supposed to do when we can pick our own stats?

Ok, seriously, I can't decide. This isn't like ACP where I can look at those stats and say, hey I am going to get gear that good eventually, or I just can't justify getting that gear for a job I don't play all that often. Or I just can't be bothered to even do the missions because the reviews were so bad. Either way, I don't think I am going to pass up this expansion, for the simple reason that so many of my jobs can use this hat as a full upgrade. The real problem is that I only get one hat and I have so many jobs that could use it.

Do I get it for WHM? Just to start off the mage hat has 20 MP and a little bit of Conserve MP too. But then I can get 3% Cure Potency a little bit of Fast Cast and 6 MND. That pretty much beats anything I can get for my WHM right now. What about BLM? 6 INT with a little Magic Accuracy and Fast Cast? That's better than anything I have right now. RNG? I could get the Sidewinder-Never-Misses-Again Helm: +4 STR, +15 Weapon Skill Accuracy added with the +10 Ranged Accuracy and +5 Ranged Attack. Hell, I could just use that for TP build because I still use a Wyvern Helm because I don't have a Zha'Go's Barbut yet.

I do have to say that these items are very good, but also very well designed. Even when two complimentary augments are selection they usually won't overcome the absolutely best gear for the slot. For example, even the highest STR and Accuracy combinations aren't going to be better than a Hecatomb Cap, but it is still very good and better than Shura Kabuto, but there is a large difference between Shura Kabuto and Hecatomb Cap. These new head pieces seem to favor straight stats more than the body pieces did while the skill bonuses seem to be quite a bit lower. So I think these head pieces actually act as a better alternative to normal "best-in-slot" pieces than most commonly accepted alternatives. This makes them ideal for jobs that are not your main focus, but ones that you know you need to gear up better.

So what is a guy supposed to do? How do I decide? The ones that I want are all mutually exclusive, and for alternative jobs. How are you going to decide? Do you have a job in mind already? Should SE even be giving us these choices instead of controlling the aspects of the gear we get? Leave a comment and tell us what you think!


Qtipus said...

You need an EES Never Misses hat. :D

samsol said...

From what I know, which isn't much, you have full usukane and your monk/sam/nin(lol) are going to be full timed usukane, except for ws, where mnk has 5 billion accuracy on ws, and sam also has really nice accuracy choices. It seems like either rng with str and ws acc on the helm might be helpful, or maybe the white mage one...which job are you on the most? Seems like ranger...go with the ranger one...

Yoteo said...

I'm very tempted to take a Ranger one. However, the Barbut exists, which is a pretty similar hat. There is nothing that comes close to the cure potency and fast cast hat for Whm. I find fast cast not exceptionally useful on my Blm, and the stats you can toss on it are better, but I don't think as much better as the Whm one.

That said, I don't have a Barbut yet. I'll likely end up getting a Rng hat, and then dropping and requesting if/when I get a Barbut, and replacing it with the Whm hat.

Anonymous said...

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