Tuesday, June 30, 2009

POL News: The Second Coming

So SE have unveiled the next in their sequence of small "bite-sized" expansions to be directly downloaded from them. In true Japanese cuisine style, these really are mini snippets of storylines to be followed and finished in a relatively short space of time, love them or hate them they are definately a topic of conversation for all. While it seems as though the storyline is thin on content currently, with hints of undead and ghosts and a very haunted feel to the whole affair, A Moogle Kupo d'Etat is causing more of a stir due to the augmentable gear that is provided as the reward for completing this tale. The designs are definately a bold strike out and are again polarizing opinion but you can't deny the flexibility and scope of potential that the augments offer for each of the classes available, the question is, which are you going to chose?

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Kimiko said...

And once again, the paladins get completely pimped out thanks to a scenario reward. VIT +4, Shield Skill +5, Magic Damage taken -2%, and Enmity +4? Want some Counter +3 with that?! You got it! Why can't the other jobs that need it get some hot loving like this? =(