Thursday, June 04, 2009

Introducing Our New Line-up of Staff Writers!

As the process of getting the new, yet-to-be-named site up and running I needed to get a staff of courageous and experience players that had a hand at writing, and some of them even have semi-professional writing experience! You may already know some of these people from the game or their own personal websites, but in any case, they are some of the most experienced, most knowledgeable and most interesting people that play FFXI right now. So without further ado it's time to meet our new team of writers!

* Araelus - Theorycrafter extraordinaire, Araelus has probably forgotten more about FFXI game mechanics than most people will ever know. He has leveled SAM, BLM and RDM to 75 and in that time has worked to develop a better understanding of melee combat and other aspects of game mechanics. He will be our master of mathematics, writing his column on how to best maximize your damage in all aspects of the game, how to better understand game mechanics, and he might even try to do it without causing you a massive aneurysm.

* Kallo - One of the most familiar voices in FFXI podcasting, Kallo is experienced in all aspects of the FFXI community. As a host of Limit Break Radio, Kallo has experiences with all levels of players from the most casual to the most hard-core, and it is with this knowledge that Kallo will be supplying information about all aspects of the FFXI community, including whats going on not just in game, but also reporting on new information from all of the different FFXI communities, from podcasts to forums, from blogs to any other kind of online bitching. Kallo cut his teeth as a THF, but also has BLM at 75. He is a US based player on the Odin server.

* Omoikitte - Hailing from the UK, Omoikitte is a long time player starting at NA launch. In that time she has lead both a very successful social and an end-game linkshell at the same time on the Odin server. She has WHM, NIN, DRG and BRD at 75 giving her a bit of experience in all area of game play. Omoikitte will be writing a column about the end-game management, covering issues such as running a linkshell, managing events, dealing with different players, player recruitment, retention and discipline, and any other aspect of running end-game events.

* Qtipus - Perhaps the only person in the world more cranky than myself, Qtipus is a US based player also on the Odin server. A leader of Obsidian, one of the oldest and successful Dynamis LS's. His accomplishments include leading Obsidian to the first NA kill of Dynamis Lord, being an accomplished Bonecrafter and also owning a complete relic, Gungnir. His 75 jobs include DRG, which he leveled and used almost exclusive during DRG's darkest days, WHM and PLD. He will be writing a column on crafting, giving instruction on how to level your crafts, the best direction to take when trying to make gil or make that special HQ you have been dreaming of.

* Tuufless - The cutest damn Tarutaru in the whole game will be our magical correspondent. You might have heard of Tuufless before because he is the owner of Campsitarus, which is the most comprehensive listing of XP camp sites available anywhere. As a master of White, Black and even Red magic, Tuufless will be providing his insight into how best to play magic using jobs in all aspects of game play, damage dealing, healing and support. Tuufless is from Singapore which lets him provide a little bit of insight to Asian players and play styles also.

The new staff comes from all corners of the globe, covers almost all of the jobs in the game, has experience with all aspects of FFXI and have a lot of writing experience. These guys are top-notch and starting next week they are going to start bringing even more content to this website. I hope you are looking forward to it as much as I am!


Anonymous said...

That Kallo guy is pretty smokin' hot I hear.

Anonymous said...

He's much better looking without feet :)

Anonymous said...

Agreed. ^^

Kallo Landis said...

>.> Damn you Cel.

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