Friday, June 26, 2009

Firesday to Darksday: The Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Edition.

Firesday to Darksday is weekly wrap-up column on O's Kote and it will be covering the week that was in FFXI, going over good blogs you should check out, interesting threads on any forums we might notice or anything else that might have slipped by in the night. We are always on the look out for FFXI information for you!

An interesting week for forum-goers that is for sure, especially for those internet lawyers out there! Do you have a forum account? Then you to can be an internet lawyer!

The headline news? SE is being sued by someone that doesn't really understand how an MMO works. Blue Gartr seems to keep a level head about the situation with only a few people complaining about completely different issues. But several other places picked up on this story in much the same way that they did when some kid couldn't figure out how to cancel their account.

A rather interesting interview with Producer Tanaka in the Japanese Playstation magazine on the ZAM site translated by Elmer the Pointy (and Awesome it should be added). Tanaka assures the fearful that FFXI is going to continue and far past the "years worth of content" that he previously mentioned and some brilliant people misconstrued to mean only a year. (Insider tip here: Video game companies often work on more than one game at a time! Shocking, I know.) A ton of information about the July Update and future ones in this article.

Finally, we have some interesting speculation on FFXIV that was actually picked up by some other video game sites. Eorzeapedia perused one of SE's job pages and found some jobs requiring familiarity with FFXI needed to be filled by September. While I can't necessarily dispute their speculation that it means that a FFXIV beta might be closer than we think the evidence they give is a little specious. There is nothing in the Job Descriptions to indicate anything more than SE needing some more French and German GM's. Remember, this is the European division not Japanese or US, I wouldn't be surprised if they just needed more people to cover for both games.

If you find anything interesting about FFXI or FFXIV for that matter let us know!

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