Monday, March 23, 2009

Initial winners and losers of CP body pieces.

The new pieces of gear added as a reward for the Crystalline Prophecy have some pretty basic but relative good stats. All of them have appropriate HP/MP additions as well as +5 to their basic main stats.

The heavy melee/tank option: Generic piece with HP, STR, DEX and VIT. Definitely a decent piece as it is right now, and these particular stats don't really appear on any other piece in this combination. That doesn't mean that there are not better pieces than this because there obviously are better pieces, but this is a good baseline for both tanks and melee jobs.

The mage option: Now this option probably is not as good as it is for the other jobs, but it does have rather good base stats for those jobs. It is definitely not even as good as some AH items, but it is a very good starting point for other jobs. More importantly, it may provide the ability to add opportunities for some jobs that have no other options for bonuses in those slots. But I will get to that in a minute.

The light/ranged DD option: This one on it's face may not appear to be that much better than the other options, but it may in fact be the best piece because of the lack of gear for the jobs listed. STR, DEX and AGI for jobs such as NIN, THF, RNG and COR are very beneficial to start with and the additional list of options only makes them even better.

Now to the real benefit of these new items, the Augments.


Anonymous said...

So your write a post, but no speculation or thoughts on what option you are going with?

I'm leaning towards a RNG piece, with Snapshot, and either RAcc, or RAtt. I don't think the options for WHM even exist. I like the Weskit more than the 4 MAB and 4 MAcc, with my AF+1 body for enfeebles, so blm options I'm not a fan of. It's pretty hard to beat the combo of AF+1 and relic bodies for Blu, so don't see myself making one of those. I think it's a pretty small upgrade over a Hauby or other options for my Sam. Thus I'm leaning towards Rng.

What are other people's thoughts on selections for them? It seems like since you are limited to one, those of us with a couple jobs are forced to make choices.


Ringthree said...

I didn't finish it before I left work.

Anonymous said...

I know the solution. Quit work. =)

Can't you live off your earnings as a full-time FFXI player / expert?


Qtipus said...

He makes more than enough money promoting his old-man diaper of choice...Depends.