Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Doing this instead of other things I should be doing.

So, I have been slacking on the blog lately because of the need to do other things. This should be over in a couple of weeks. Since you could care less about my personal life, lets get on to things about the game.

Well, lets not because I ran out of time. Instead, lets do the porn edition!

Iz, trying to win my love from Omoikitte once again!

Kallo tastes the bitter fruits of defeat!

Jamel is just the poor victim of a drive-by!

Ok, enough of all that. Lets talk about the update. I have decided that I am so far feeling completely meh about the update. Gobbie bag, sure that is great, but 10 more slots is just going to be filled up with more things that I should have been carrying around for a long time but haven't because of space. FoV and MMM, I really couldn't care less. FoV I hardly ever use and MMM doesn't really interest me at all. Also the people that think that the NM's in FoV are going to be any interest at all are just completely deluding themselves. The new NM's from Campaign is the only thing that has peaked my interest, but this just appears to be the BCNMs of this expansion. BCNM > KSNM > ENM > ISNM > CNM? ANNM? Whatever, it doesn't matter, but it's not really that new, it's just the next in the series. I want something really new, like Salvage, Einherjar, Limbus, whatever the next event is supposed to be. We have finally gotten close to finishing Salvage (more on that later when I get the pictures uploaded) and we are going to shift over to Nyzul by dropping two Salvage runs a week once we get the last Salvage piece we need for Celestria's group. I just want something a little new and interest to confront for a while. It is still really early in the update note cycle so more should be coming soon and I can't wait. :)

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