Friday, February 13, 2009


After months of inconsistency we finally got a great turn around yesterday. And I got screen shots of none of it.

Iz finally got a Fortitude Torque.

We got head, feet and body from Ultima.

NF got a pair of Macha's cuffs.

And we got an 89 Alex Linen pouch from the boss even though it didn't drop Hiryo's Marduk 25 hands.

No pictures for any of it.

Here are the pictures I do have:

I got a Ritter Gorget from the Einherjar lady. Now, I said I was going to get some BLM pieces, but I will get the points for them soon enough and I can use the Ritter Gorget immediately. In fact, I used it yesterday for Ultima.

I really need to redo a bunch of my macros for new gear now and make new macros for BLM.


JESS said...

Hey I just got a Ritter Gorget too ^^

Kallo Landis said...

You're old.

JESS said...

....comming soon .... I am making a Blog advertisement animation that uses mine and Kallo's Blog titles .... Mwhahhahahahahaa

Qtipus said...

You need to make an advertisement for a "Spank-Me-I'm-Gay" Kallo doll.

Qtipus said...

Complete with pull-string Kalloisms.


"My TH <3 only works for me big boi."

"I wish Ninjafox would hot chocolate me."

"I could go for Qtipus teabagging me right now."

...and so on.

Kallo Landis said...

D= Stop being sick and feel better!

/hug! <3

Anonymous said...

You should give him one of your dolls Kallo.