Monday, February 02, 2009

Angry little man.

BLM is like a little ball of fire. Find something small enough and it will burn right through it, but if you get something that it can't consume fast enough it will just burn itself right out.

I got to 54 on BLM last night and Iz got to 55. We have some decent camps around this level, mostly in the past but still very nice for leveling up quickly. With an XP ring on I can get through a level in about an hour duoing with Iz. Sadly, now that I am level 54 I just can't justify not doing my AF any longer, and while I am at it I can't really justify not upgrading my gear either.

The things I need include at least HQ Thunder and Dark Staffs. Luckily, I already have an Aquilo's Staff, which is serving me very well. I need a shopping list and so I made one!

Jupiter's Staff - 620k
Pluto's Staff - 580k
Cobra Unit Coat - 9k
Intellect Torque - 20k
Reverend Sash - 150k (though if I get to 60 before I get this I will ditch it for a Penitent's Rope)
Genius Ring x2 - 300k
Black Cape +1 - 12k (I think I have a +1 already but I am not positive)

Ok, so my short term shopping list adds up to be about 1.7 mil, which means that I need to get farming again. But even before that I need to focus on some of the Rare/Ex gear that I need for my BLM which includes almost all of my AF and a Moldavite Earring. Tonight will be my night to work on my AF, and I know that Iz has been waiting on me to get some of it done just for convenience sake. Once I get the BLM AF hands and head and I can equip them, they will essentially become full time pieces. The rest of the pieces are very good situational pieces except for like the feet, so it is definitely worth it to pick them all up. Normally, my philosophy for leveling jobs is "Save money now, spend money later"; meaning I don't see the point in getting gear for mid-level gear when you are going to just sell it back. The problem with BLM is that it if you get too far behind in gear and you start getting resists and that means you start getting dead real quick.

So, a look over the quests I need to do. First of all if you noticed over the weekend I completed my AF weapon quest which required little effort and a trip to a new and interesting area of the game that I had never encountered before. Right now, I have started the Recollections quest but I have yet to get very far in it, that leaves the following:

- Go to Crawler's Nest and get the Bag of Seeds.
- Go back to Heaven's Tower and turn in the Bag of Seeds.
- Go to Castle Zvahl Baileys and get a Whine Cellar Key.
- Go to Castle Zvahl Keep and use the Whine Cellar Key on the Ore Door.
- Go back to Heaven's Tower and get my Wizard's Sabots.

The Root of the Problem:

- Talk to Chumimi in Heaven's Tower.
- Go to Windurst Walls and trade a Silk Cloth to Koru-Moru.
- Go back to Heavan's Tower and get Sluice Surveyor Mark I key item.
- Go to Toraimarai Canal to and get the three ???.
- Kill the Magic Sludge.
- Go back to Heaven's Tower and get my Wizard's Petasos.

Borghertz's Sorcerous Hands:

- Talk to Guslam in Upper Jeuno.
- Get Garliage Coffer Key and get the Old Gauntlets.
- Go to the ??? in Port Jeuno.
- Go to Castle Zvahl Baileys and kill Dark Spark.
- Go to Port Jeuno and get my Wizard's Gloves.

Coffer #1:

- Get Monastic Caverns Coffer Key and get my Wizard's Coat.

Coffer #2:

- Get Eldieme Necropolis Coffer Key and get my Wizard's Tonban.

If I can get the quest part of this done tonight I will be very pleased. Omoi has offered to help me, and she said she is off tomorrow because of snow in London which is rather rare so we can stay up late and do it.

Finally, and most importantly some Salvage results! They say that when it rains, it pours, and last night it did! We did a regular Bhaflau Remnants run. No Mad Bomber up on the first floor, so onto the second in which we quickly got a NM Bee and a set of Usukane 35 feet for Hiryo who has been waiting for them for quite some time! There was much cheering but there were two more bees that dropped two more sets which went to Darkdawn and Illius! Luck was with us last night! Hiryo wanted to get a group photo with everyone after the run, and everyone looked quite cool in their new feet. Kallo just got his THF AF2 hands, and apparently was feeling very generous with his TH this evening. I am sorry to say to Ninjafox, that he may be coming as a different job when we go to Salvage if Kallo is going to continue to be this kind. And now we have to get two more sets of 15 Usukane feet...

I think I might need a drink. :)


Evilpaul said...

On the plus side you can drop Magic Sludge as Monk with Formless Strikes in mere seconds. So that part is easy enough.

The BLM AF quests also have the coolest stories (except maybe Scholar) of all the jobs I've leveled by far. (BLM, SMN, NIN, MNK, SCH, PUP)

Kallo Landis said...

Go me! Sadness I can't make my own run on Thur. ; ; Maybe I can get Izman his Ares 35 legs Friday though.