Friday, December 19, 2008

Week in Review.

It's been generally a good week for me. I have gotten some merits, defeated Odin, got Iz and Q their Ares's Hands and done some other things. Iz and Q are now at 3 and 4 out of 5 on Ares's respectively. Iz as already mentioned got his money metal head. But you may also note that he finally got his Homam legs, which took almost as long as it took for him to get his Crimson legs. LOL So in just a couple of days his PLD gear got a large boost. While he will be the first to admit that the Valhalla Helm isn't that great of a piece because of the slow on it, it is a very good kiting piece and decent /WAR piece or a swap in piece for reducing spell damage. Remember it is -5% to all damage not just physical so there are definitely cases where it is very beneficial. It was a good Omega for Iz and for Versus in general, and on the very next one, the one we did last night for Celestria to try to get her Homam legs, Omoi got her Homam hands! That basically finishes up Omoi's DRG except for an Askar head which will likely come with a little bit of time.

So already talked about Odin a little bit but here are the pictures to go with the description and these weren't even stolen from Omoi! Sure, Omoi may have gotten better shots but that was because she was on BRD while I had to stand at a distance with the RNGs. I would like to thank Obsidian for trusting in me enough to put me in charge of the RNGs. It really didn't make a difference at all because I just stood out of range of the AoE and had the RNGs stand behind me and a rock on the ground could have don't just about as much as I did for "leading" the RNGs, but it was nice to feel they could rely on me for some kind of leadership role considering how often I am able to attend Dynamis. Hey, I am actually showing up more often now that I have a little bit of time! Odin is huge, has to be one of the more large mobs in the game, and he also has great WS animations. For example, this is his spear throw move: I really like this fight a lot. It's 30 minutes, well 25ish when you consider the time it takes to get into the fight and make sure that everyone is in. It requires a good balance of jobs, with many different people, jobs and roles needing to be filled to make sure that things go well. There is enough unpredictability in the fight to make it so that each fight will not be exactly like the last fight. Now, you might say that it really isn't predictable because we know when Odin will use all of his abilities, but the variation in when the Valkyries arrive and the double effect of some of his TP moves combined with his timed moves can really make you have to deal with crisis quickly. For example, on our run right before Odin hit 9% he used his Terror move, so far more people were killed by Deathga than you would normally expect. I wish more fights in this game were like this and like Proto-Omega and Proto-Ultima, large but instanced or at least sequestered fights. Similar to Salvage but with more people, even like with the ways that old Sky gods were set up.

Even though I should, I don't have Ares's hands drop shots. :( I was just too happy at the time that we got them both to drop that I didn't even think about taking screenshots of them. LOL I do have a little bit more news though. I finally got my Ethereal Earring fight done! And we even did it with just five and didn't even have a RDM/DRK. Ninjafox was coming with us and on the way decided to change earrings and erased his memories, unfortunately this moved him back in the storyline and thus couldn't come into the fight with us. We gave it a shot anyway, and we handled it pretty well. Still killed the kid pretty quickly but Iz did get beaten up pretty bad because it took longer than we had planned. After that Kam was pretty easy to take down outside of his occasionally strong hits. Now I just need to finish my cutscenes and get my earring. >.> Oh, Iz and Omoi may kill me now. :)

Finally, I got my wedding suit! I look like a god-damn pimp! :) Iz looks scary to me with his new hat though. o.O; Though I can still take care of business if needed!
Two final thoughts, first, Iceyb if you want more mentions on this blog, then you need to be on more and you need to come to Nyzul with us! Second, Ninjafox is completely gross. LOL

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