Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Nyzul Isle: The struggles of a mad man.

Nyzul Isle has always taken a back seat to Salvage for me. Salvage is more of a challenge to me. It requires teamwork, a good working knowledge of every zone, practice and a huge amount of luck. But there is only so much Salvage you can do before losing your mind. Well, not for me exactly, but with the need for new weaponskills especially King's Justice and Drakesbane for Iz and Omoi because they are excellent WS's. Omoi already has her weapon for the Drakesbane, but Iz still needs the Great Axe, and we all still need to get to floor 100 because that is a lot of skillchain points to do without having a floor 100 disc. Also, there is some gear that we are missing because of Nyzul. Like Omoi and Iz could both use an Askar head and Askar body, while I could probably use a few Goliard pieces, and maybe some Denali pieces too. I still need a Windslicer for Tachi: Rana but it is not on the same level of King's Justice or Drakesbane for damage or usefulness.

So we have started doing a little bit of Nyzul Isle now, especially since we have a nice settled Salvage rotation now. Omoi, Iz and I do Salvage 5 days a week usually, some times a little less depending on who is on. That leaves 2-3 tags a week for Nyzul. So we can't do it all that often, but we are on a nice rotation right now. The only problem is that we do it pick up and it can be hard to find people to fill the last slots on runs without rewards. We will get it done, it will just take a little while.

In other news, going to bed early means you get to miss 50k XP in 2 hours. :(


Kallo said...

You have my cell number. Please call me when you do Nzyul =) I'll drop whatever it is I'm doing. Don't wanna get left behind on Floors ^.^

Jonathan Q. said...

So I was trying to get on tonight for the first time since finishing up school and moving...and my laptop wouldn't boot. Trying to figure out what's wrong with it now, but I may just have to install FFXI on my new mac.

We'll see how it goes I guess.


Jonathan Q. said...

I can sponsor 100 for you for your windslicer ring :D