Friday, November 21, 2008

God takes a dump on Izman's chest, hates Ninjafox and by transitive property hates Illius.

Sorry Iz. :( I mean it's bad that he didn't get to lot on them and all, but it could have been a lot worse really. To prevent it from getting a lot worse we did Zhayolm instead of Silver Seas, because if the 35 Ares's Legs ever dropped and Iz wasn't there I would take a baseball bat to my nuts. The funny thing is that both of those items were free lot. The Ares's 35 Legs were won by Qtipus, and the Morrigan's 35 Legs were won by Keshdr. A huge congratulations to them both! LOL I know I started out kind of negative but I am definitely happy both of those feet dropped. I just know how hard Iz works to get stuff in the game and he always seems to get fucked out of the stuff he wants. Oh and Keshdr is now officially banned from whining about drops for at least three months because he has completed or gotten the 35 for at least three pieces in the last two weeks. LOL I am going to make Iz give me his password and I will go as him if he can't make a run. The worst part was that Iz has to do some moving around at his place, and didn't want to miss the run at all. :( As for Ninjafox and Illius? Well they are the main Skadi's people, and Skadi's just hates us. We have never seen a Skadi's 35 legs drop, we have only seen one Skadi's 35 hands drop, and we have a ton of Skadi's 35 heads because they are probably the worst piece in the set. Ninjafox has been waiting on those Skadi's Legs for a long time, almost as long as Iz has been used as God's personal S&M gimp. :(

In happier news, I got my Skadi's Jambeaux back already and they are super sweet. I love the enhanced movement speed and I also like them as an excuse to go on RNG more often. Last night I got to test out RNG in Limbus and it worked really well. We went old school and made skill chains! *GASP* LOL Arching Arrow to Spinning Slash for Light and two BLM to MB off it. With 7 people we easily finished Temenos North with plenty of time left. We also did something new to help with avoiding the Cryptonberrys on the second to last floor. We just had everyone go on follow on me and it let us avoid most of the aggro that could happen, though I rushed the last one and it was a little close but we got out ok. I got the idea from someone that used it to get by the Diabolos in Dynamis-Tavnazia. I was pretty pleased with the run over all considering how few people made it to the run.

As I was saying I am trying to perfect my RNG and its going decently for now. A little bit of XP as seen yesterday and I feel more comfortable about positioning and my gear set-ups. I feel like I am getting closer to knowing what I want to use and what sub I like. I know people suggest /SAM and /WAR but right now I don't feel like my accuracy is good enough for that so I am going to use /NIN for the Fransisca and Kriegsbeil. I am going to pull a little bit of accuracy out for STR like in the earring slot, but outside of that I think I am well balanced. Looking forward to more testing tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

as a head piece try hunter's beret +1 and use wyvern helm for ws the beret gives agi and rapid shot and the agi will help with your racc but from your gear set up you have more then enough racc i recommend you try it out even /nin with a staff grip combo if you have the acc for it then i suggest you go /war or /sam both are really great subs for rng

Kallo said...

Yay for Salvage people. o.o Izman needs some kind of good luck ritual before runs. I know! I'm going to take up Voodoo for him. I may not be able to be there at the time being, but my voodoo hexes and curses will be.


Bg said...

I see a Zerobit

ice said...

lets do the time warp again

Anonymous said...

LOL who said you could use my name in those two screenshots i want them blurred out and my lawyer will hear about this!

j/k :)