Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Clean up Aisle 7.

Sorry about that post yesterday, it was all screwed up and I didn't have time to fix it before I left, so I will fix it today.

So, I have SAM and MNK now and outside of a few pieces there really isn't much better that I can do for them. That is a good thing because that means that they are ready to go for Versus at anytime, but I think its time to focus on a few more jobs that can help the LS and I think that RNG is the next goal for me. I don't have a mage job besides WHM leveled so I can't really help with non-melee damage if I don't have my RNG ready to go. So, after I finish up a few things that is what I am building up next. I was going to work on my DRG or WAR next, but honestly we have enough of them and they are far better than mine could be. RNG we are really weak on, and also on ranged damage, so that is going to be my focus.

There are two problems though. First, all my merits are tied up in SAM, MNK and NIN. NIN like I said has shifted over to mostly being a tank job, so I think I am going to pull out my Katana merits, and shift them over to Archery. The second problem is that I don't really know how to gear up my RNG. I know mostly what is best for RNG, and I know what I am missing, but I don't know how to balance ranged accuracy with STR and ranged attack. Right now I am looking at using this set-up for my TP build: It seems to me that it is a little bit accuracy heavy, but meh, I am paranoid about RNG accuracy, so I will keep it for a while until I get comfortable with it. That leads me to my WS set right now which is very heavily accuracy based because I use Sidewinder a lot. LOL, I think the only difference is in the feet right now, because I really am pretty paranoid about missing a Sidewinder. I could probably shift some things around and get some better stats for the same accuracy, but I am not sure about that yet. It has been suggested that on higher accuracy mobs that Arching Arrow may be a better choice. It still has a decent fTP modifier, it can be shot regularly at 100TP, and it has a chance to Crit which is always nice. Also, food choice effects a lot of what I can do, Sushi will make things much easier to hit but Meat will obviously increase damage. Right now I am basically doing tests to figure out what the best set-ups I can use for different things. I am actually pretty comfortable with my TP set now. But lets think to the future, because I have quite a few good pieces in store for my RNG and it is one of the reasons that I have been pushing forward with it.

Lets look at my "future" TP build for my RNG. Ok, lets look at the differences. First of all is the head piece, Zha'Go's Barbut which looks to be an incredibly good piece for RNG. Lots of ranged accuracy and attack, a decrease in enmity, and pretty importantly it has the enhance Snapshot effect, which will likely decrease the delay of a Ranged Attack by 2%. That will stack well with my Snapshot merits, whenever I get them. LOL Crimson Finger Gauntlets are next, and I already have the abjuration for them, just need to pick up the cursed finger gauntlets. Thinking I might try to get the HQ version of them, but don't know if I want to wait for long enough to get them while I still have people to pay back. The next piece is the Buccaneer's Belt, which I think I already have enough points from Einherjar to get and if I don't then I am close because Iz got his Ritter Gorget last week, so I think I am close. Right now, I am just using a Precise Belt which Omoi got me. :) This will be a step up in Ranged Accuracy, STR and it even has negative enmity too. Next is Scout's Braccae. Funny story here. I have been 4/5 on RNG AF2 for something like 2 years now, but I have never gotten a chance to get the legs, which are pretty much the only good piece for RNG besides the feet. LOL I don't know if want to go with these or the Pahluwan legs in general, but they definitely look much cooler than the P. Legs. Finally, I need to get Skadi feet done, I have all the parts for it, but I still need the stack of Marid hides and the coins. I should have done it a while ago, but meh. Part of my dilemma is that I don't know if they are better or worse for TP build than Scout's Socks.

Anyway, enough about my RNG. I still have a lot to work on for it, but at least today I am going to be able to get some XP in.


Anonymous said...


for tp i use dual triumph earrings and a rajas, CFG after you uncurse and af2 legs or dusk legs for tp either are good

for ws i believe scout socks are better than rutters, i keep rajas on that also

Anonymous said...

interesting. rng is the only job i don't have a great consensus on what exactly to use.

as for your mnk though, looks great. the only things i see upgrading is black tathlum and toreador's rings :D

-cyp (LJ OpenID doesn't work atm for me)

Ailee said...

Hey look, my stuff ;)

Ringthree said...

Hehehe, yep, your stuff is SWEET! I completely agree Cyp, it's just hard to figure out what to use.

Anonymous said...

for tp i use rajas triumph earring fenrir's earring and i used a Vulcan staff and Axe grip full time instead of a PCC i used Qiqirn Collar i have a PCA i just found the collar to provide better results but yes scout socks tp ws use rutters but thats my set up

Ringthree said...

What do you sub?

Anonymous said...

/war most of the time in pts ill /nin just Vulcan staff + strap gives me more RATT because i have all the Racc i seem to need /war did a 1500 on Dark Ixion today no buffs except Berserk and Velocity shot