Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The great turn around.

I don't know what happened really. All I used to want to do is level new jobs, get Rare/Ex gear, and merit. Things that rarely required money. I did struggle to come up with new gil to even pay for things like Limbus or food, but it was a nice time. Then I got my Usukane 35 mask, then shortly after I got my Usukane 35 body, and I really wanted to get those completed. So I shifted my priorities, times when I normally would XP or sadly, assist other people, I have started spending on farming. Now farming may not be the most efficient way to build up gil, but it is very useful for leveling leathercrafting which is like the only craft that you can actually level reasonably well and to a very high level while farming. I do have this to say about farming to skill-up leathercrafting: do not be afraid of level gaps, especially ones before level 60. I was able to bridge a 12 level gap with synth support, and while I did break quite a bit the skill-ups came fast enough to not really matter. And even if you do break but you don't use the hide you are skilling off of then you can just synth again for another chance at a skill up. I even did this above level 60 and though it did take a little longer it still was not unreasonable compared to the cost of making a gap item just for skill ups. Luckily above 71 I can avoid major gaps until about 85, then it is rough to 100 but not much I can do to avoid that. Anyway, I have been making decent money as of late, and for the first time in probably two or three years I have over a million gil on my person! The problem is that over the last week Imperial Wootz Ingots shot up 200k to 1 million gil a piece. Well, at least I have one Ingot on me now, but really I don't think that the price of Imperial Wootz Ingots is sustainable at 1 million because there were a ton of the ingots up for several days at that price and they are all dropping off the AH now without being purchased. So, I am going to hang onto my gil for now, and hope they come back down at least a little bit. Part of my gil influx came just yesterday from doing a couple of Plucking Wings BC fights. The fight from what I understand is easier than the Sandy version, though the extra spawns are close enough to link no matter how far away you pull the main NM. The extra spawns are very weak though, and can be killed in two SAM WS's. The NM just basically spams spells that are always AoE, and during it's two hour it will spam AoE AM spells. LOL They aren't that strong though and as long as you are at max HP you will always be able to take them without dying. On our first run we managed to get a Roundel Earring, which we are currently trying to sell, and I got some other junk which I sold to get me over the 1 mil gil mark! Woot! If that sells, I might be able to get two Ingots, and then I have almost enough to get another ingot on the mule that I sell all of my crafting and farming stuff. So that is three ingots right there, and then I have the gil that Ailee has on her, which she is letting me use, but I know she would prefer to have me use that gil to make more gil rather than just spending it, but I don't know if I have the patience or the attentiveness to actually make gil with clothcrafting. Anyway, even if I don't try to use Ailee's gil to make gil and just use it to buy more ingots I would be able to get three more and that puts me at a total of 6! Half way there!

I have pretty much neglected a lot of other things that we have been doing lately and after a drought in Salvage we have finally gotten a few more drops that helped to complete some of the items that people have been waiting on for a long time. Lets start with Illius because it really was his week, last week. First, after waiting something like 6 months Illius got his Duelist Chapeau. That, of course, is not Salvage related but it is still pretty important for him and it's definitely something I wanted to congratulate him about, but for the Salvage related item, Illius finally got his Skadi's Jambeaux! Now he can be all speedy in Salvage when he comes on THF! :) It is his first completed piece, and he beat Kallo to them (thank God!). In further Skadi news, Ninjfox got enough of those Orichalcum Ingots to finish up his Skadi's Visor! That puts Ninjafox at three completed Skadi pieces and with only the body and legs left to complete. And for the finale, the body which has eluded both of our Salvage groups (Celestria's and mine) for quite a long time now has finally reared its ugly head, and not just once but twice! The Peryton finally popped and drop the Skadi 35 body which we had never even seen before! The first one went to Blaize who had it on priority in both of our groups, and has been waiting on it for more than a year. He has now completed his Skadi set, which is awesome and he is only the second person to complete a Salvage set across our two groups. Congratulations Blaize, and Ninjafox and Illius! It was a Skadi week all the way around!

You might think this post has been rather positive and upbeat, but I don't want you to get the wrong impression. I am still my normal angry, bitter self and here is some proof.

This fucktard posted this last week about my post ranting about RMT.

Anonymous Dain said...

"King of the Douches. Might as well fucking pop your collar, get a tribal tattoo and officially change your name to Chad."

Rip off B&B much?


That statement is about as original as your post.


God damn you are a dumb ass. Of course I got it from that, that is why it is fucking funny you moron. It's not a fucking rip off, it's a god damn homage, and its something that was directed to me by Izman and I thought it was hilarious so I included it because it was funny, and because Izman would get the in-joke about that line.

Dain, do everyone a favor, stop pissing in the gene pool and blow your fucking brains out. Please? Come on... do it for America!


PS. Yes, I do know that pissing in the gene pool is not an original comment, and was even the name of a Henry Rollin's book of prose, which was probably published before you were fucking born kid.

PPS. It's not a good idea to try to insult a guy on his own blog, you are always going to lose, because it is my fucking blog, and I always get the last fucking word, moron.

*Huggles* for everyone else that commented on that post, people like Cel and Q really got me thinking about the whole situation and helped me come to my more soft line conclusion. In the end, Cel said it best when she said, that even though a fool and their gil are soon parted (yes, Dain, that one isn't original either, idiot) there are limits to how far they will go. And I think that really is the most important part. As long as people remember that limits are good, everyone will be better off. :)


JESS said...

Itchy red nipples ...

Kallo Landis said...

x.X Well, of course Illius got Skadi Feet before me. I wasn't going to out lot him. Silly Old Ring.