Tuesday, October 28, 2008

As of last night...

Well, I was going to be nice to Kallo. I wasn't going to rub it in, because I know that he has missed getting his first Salvage piece completed just because he has missed a run here or there, and this is especially true with what has happened on Sunday's run where we actually got a lot of things that we needed to get out of the way. There are a couple of Salvage related issues that are very specific to the groups that I go with that I wanted to bring up, but first lets start with Kallo.

1. I hate you, Kallo.
2. I wasn't going to gloat about my awesome new Skadi 35 feet that I have for a job that I rarely use and for a job that I only plan on leveling much later and for a job that is your main and currently only job at 75.
3. Maybe you should think about making old jokes on your blog, asshat.


I feel much better now! Sure, he gets the funny zinger, but I get the super hot Skadi feet for running around in! If you wanted to use a political analogy he is Obama with all his funny comments and popular support, and I am McCain with all my bitterness and being a have to Kallo's have not. And in the end I am totally the winner!!!



Anyway, the other point I wanted to talk about was the status of free lots for Salvage. Basically, I cribbed my lotting notes from Celestria completely when it comes to Salvage. My old system worked for a little while, but was very drop dependent and often caused us to do the same runs over and over. So after basically not only copying everything in the runs from Celestria, I also adopted her lotting system. Basically, everyone gets two priority pieces and they help to focus what runs we do and when we do them, and then anything else that drops is free lot (for job and level). There are times that I will make a decision on a free lot item if there is a specific long time member that obviously deserves the item over someone else that does not use another job very often. I think that I have done that maybe one time. Sometimes, I think I have a good idea of how "fair" I should be about who gets what jobs, but then again maybe I don't. I could do it on strictly on attendance, but then all of the older member's likely will get a bunch of things that could go to new members for jobs they use more often. No one in Celestria's or my groups are very greedy at all, but even then the lure of a free 35 is very nice. Believe me, I just got Skadi 35 feet free lot and I was hoping no one else was going to lot against me. :) I think that free lotting non-priority drops is probably the best way to be the most fair to everyone. Sometimes free lots don't turn out for everyone, but sometimes to they do.

In this game, the most difficult thing for someone that is running an LS honestly is to find the best way to distribute gear fairly. This is especially true of low-man events like Salvage where some of the members can be transient at times out of no fault of their own. So, I think I will stick with free-lotting non-priority items, even more than I have in the past. I just think it is the right thing to do.


JESS said...

I have spoken to you about how Remnant Brave does 3 priority lots which is exactly the same concept as how Celetria's group does it. I really didn't see that untill you just explained it in this Blog post. You may not remember me talking to you about this because it was way back when you 1st started doing Salvage runs. Anyway in my eyes it is probably the best lotting structured idea in the whole game. Congrats on your new Skadi feet..... poor Kallo. ~.O

Kallo Landis said...

<3 Ring. Congrats on your Skadi Jammies. Now you can move at the same speed as younger kids since your boots negate the effect of walker. =)

<3 I'll be back in-game more often soon, I hope. ; ;

Darkdawn said...

Grats on all the nice gear hehe ill work to also get some for me a day hehe but long to go lets see must been late spring now then i made my first real salvage run but now made alotta with you guys burned most of all saved up points lol, should with some luck get my first to summer will be fun and yeah been checking out what to sell of farm or which ever ways hog up some gils well im sure ill get them finally just some will and effort and it comes.