Monday, July 07, 2008

Good drops.

Finally got a full drop set from Jailer of Love, and Elfaria finally got his Novio earring! The Novia went to Izman for use with his BST. The Love Torque went to Hellzfury who was very deserving of the torque and finally got his! Finally, the Love Halberd went to Jess. Our Jailer of Love moved much more quickly than the last one because we had positioning for our tanks all set from the very beginning and we able to put damage onto it much more quickly. I again came as MNK/DRK which was the high damage job the last time that we did this, but this time I was surpassed by Samuraisoldier on SAM/WAR. MNK/DRK has the fairly bad draw back of pulling a whole lot of hate very quickly, and even with tanks that have been on Love for a long time it is very easy to very quickly catch up to them, so I would get smacked in the face once and be put down because I am already feeding it HP from Souleater. Sam on the other hand was able to keep up good damage for the whole time he was on JoL. So next time I will probably come SAM/WAR, because that should be more damage over the course of the fight. I still don't have a screen shot of Elf with his new earring but he went out to solo with it last night and was losing his mind about it. :)

Also, as you can see from the previous post, we did rather well for our last Einherjar run. We had over ten minutes left over after we killed the boss. The first set of rooms appears to be rather easy to deal with for now, and I can see us clearing them in the first couple of runs so we can see what tier two is like. There is already increasing pressure on Omoi to start doing Einherjar twice a week, but I think she is a little disinclined to dive right into this while we are already busy. The other problem is finding a place to shove it into our already busy schedule. I am just pleased with how we are adapting to Einherjar so far, and I know the next tiers are going to be much more difficult, but at least we know we can do well with what he have so far. It's definitely the new fun event for the LS.

In other news, I have pretty rapidly been leveling my WHM and I am enjoying it. It is now 68, and I am saving up to get a Noble's Tunic before I finish taking it to 75. I can say that I now understand why mages drool over refresh gear. If you are standing around or running some place it is very nice to have full MP when you get there instead of immediately having to rest to get MP, so I am very much looking forward to using it. Now, I have to say that I am already looking at gear that I want to use for my WHM at end-game and I am glad that I have many decent options so far. I know that I am going to have to finish up SCH soon, and I know that Iz and Omoi and both itching to finish up RDM and DNC too. Right now, for normal healing I am looking at this for my end-game gear:

Main: Light Staff
Sub: Staff Strap
Ammo: Phantom Tathlum
Head: Walahra Turban
Neck: Beak Necklace
Earrings: Loquacious Earring and Astral Earring (or Antivenom Earring when Omoi wants her Astral Earring back ^.^)
Body: Noble's Tunic
Hands: Blessed Mitts
Rings: Serket Ring and Ether Ring
Back: Blue Cape
Waist: Hierarch Belt
Legs: Blessed Trousers
Feet: Blessed Pumps (until I get something better)

That is what I am aiming at for healing, but I plan on making a few other set ups including resting, standing and divine for Repose.

I can't wait to get WHM to 75. :)


Hellzfury said...

btw I told omoi once you finish leveling whm that she has to make you come on it and come drg =o

Omoikitte said...

Why on earth are you going for a hierach belt over the forest rope? That rse belt is probably the best waist piece you can get on mages for Elvaans.

I can understand some of the motivations on the other pieces, time/money and having to get rare/ex pieces. But... lol hierach belt? yeuch

Etain said...

Templar Mace+ either Numinous Sheild/+1 or a Muse Tariqh is a nicer option for curing, with the use of either a Seveneyes or Fourth Mace for anything that's not a cure. Or, if you prefer staves, get a Capricorn Staff for Regen/Haste/Refresh/etc. 4% Haste is a yummy option. Looks like a good starting set-up though, best of luck!

Ringthree said...

LOL I am definitely not going to clutter my mog house with more crap than I need, so the Fourth Mace is right out, I don't think that Conserve MP +4 is ever going to justify the mH space. I have 6 DD jobs and there is little space left from more than the essentials on WHM. As for Templar Mace and Shield, you are wrong on that one. Light Staff and Staff Strap is the superior option. Most MP and equal curing power. MND has very little effect on total HP cured even on Cure V.