Monday, July 28, 2008


*Keep the Faith?

So I got my Faith Torque yesterday, finally. I think that it provides a bit of redemption in general and it is also nice to have. I have started using it instead of PCC for now, to see how I like it, but I am unsure as of now if I should use it for WS's or if I should use PCC or if I should use a WS Gorget. There are many different tests that show many different conclusions, but none of them are definitive enough for me to say "Yes, this is definitely what I should be using!" In fact, none of them are conclusive enough for Asuran Fists to say "I have a fucking clue which one to use!" Sea can be a total nuisance sometimes, especially when doing Faith where you have to run to all the possible spawn locations and check for the spawn point. This combined with the 15 minute wait on all the ???'s and something that should take an hour ends up taking many hours. I hope that sometime in the near future SE switches all ??? to be the three minute respawn like on the ZNM's.

*Gotta have Faith?

There are three types of people that play FFXI. There are those that will praise anything that SE does with the game, and they are always happy with changes that are made and will always defend anything new that is developed. There are those that will say that anything that SE does is crap, and that they have no idea how to run an MMO or even have any idea of what they are doing at all. Then there are people in the middle, that think that SE tries to do a good job but sometimes they make mistake, but they are now nowhere close to how bad they used to be. I think that the second group of people is the worst though. They really are living in the past and think that SE never changes anything or improves anything, and they are just too happily jaded to look at anything that SE does correctly. The first group of people are just as ignorant as the second group of people, but they are far less annoying. Negative Nancy's are always going to be more annoying than Positive Pete's, but that doesn't mean that either of them are know what the fuck they are talking about. I prefer to look at things with excitement but a discerning eye, and try to determine the quality of the something before I make a determination about it. But that kind of attitude never gets blog page hits or attention on web forums, unless it is against the grain or "common knowledge" but that is the point of another post in another time.

So why should people have faith? Well, because SE has released some information on the new Nyzul relic weapons, and they look pretty cool.

Ok, let me explain, because these definitely need some explanation. First, though the damage and delay are good for those weapons, they are not the best, and I don't think that was SE's goal at all. They have said that they aimed to make the weapons good for the job in other ways than just damage. It is pretty obvious that like all weapons and items, that some are going to be better than others. And the bonuses that have been listed are vague in description, but some of the bonuses have been stated and some are presumed. After the enhancements, the Aftermath effect is added after the special weaponskill for that weapon is used. These in general look to be increased accuracy/attack, magic accuracy/attack or ranged accuracy/attack. Finally, all of the weapons have "Occasionally attacks twice" on them except for the ranged weapon which has "Occasionally deals double damage." This could be an effect that occurs only with the Aftermath effect, but that much is still unclear. There are also new weaponskills that will be available through the new weapons but will not require the completed weapon to gain the new weaponskills. The catch is that when the new weaponskill is used it will cause the Aftermath effects which are supposed to be exceptionally strong. In the end these weapons are quite good for melee and should be decent to situational for mages, like always.

And for the people that complain about them having lower base damage and higher base delay than some other weapons, learn how to do some math. Occasionally attacks twice is just about insane even if its just a limited effect after using the weapon. Think about it.

Anyway, got some Limbus tonight, then some Assault, then I think we might toss in a Nyzul Isle run or two also. We will see.

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Nidaime_2 said...

One thing to take note of is that the damage and delay are the same as the placeholder's that we have access to right now. I have a feeling that SE will lower the base damage a bit, while maybe keeping the delay same. But that's only if "Occasionally attacks twice" is as strong as on other weapons. I'd also guess that the aftermaths will be adjusted a bit too; right now what I think is that all the melee weapons have increased acc/atk, mage weapons macc/matk (even summoner and maybe bard), and ranged weapons have racc/ratk. Hopefully they'll give some different bonuses to mage jobs at least, mainly WHM and BRD; I don't think they'd benefit much from neither macc/matk nor acc/atk.

It would be nice to see different aftermath effects for some melee jobs as well (mainly PUP and BST getting something for pets instead), but it's fine as it is right now.

I agree that all the weps will be good for every melee (maybe excluding ranger? I dunno much about xbows) and mage weapons aren't That bad right now either, I am however not a mage so I don't know. Joyeuse +1 and permanent divine veil don't seem that bad to me thou.

I belong in the first group you mentioned though, always too positive!

Grats on getting the torque btw, that's one sexi piece for monk!