Thursday, May 22, 2008

Whats up with Campaign?

I like Campaign, let me get that out of the way first, because if you came here looking for complaints then... well, you have probably never read my blog.

I like Campaign for what it should be, but I do still have problems with it, and it appears that SE is going to handle some but not all of the issues. I should start by saying that I think of Campaign mostly as Campaign battles and less of the other parts of Campaign like the Ops and Headhunting, and there is my real problem with Campaign. To illustrate this best I am going to compare it to Assault to get good parallel going. Assault has very well defined and easily compartmentalized missions, and each mission resulted in a set of rewards: chest drops, ??? items, Assault points and advancement for Assault ranks. Campaign on the other hand rewards with XP, Allied notes and a much less clearly defined rank up system. It is much more nebulous, and though more expansive than Assault does not require any alternative to Campaign battle to advance in rank. Campaign needs more structure and it needs it badly. It also needs an incentive to do the other Campaign related activities like Headhunting and Ops. At the current time the all flow into the same pool of XP and AN and have no effect on Campaign rank so there literally is no reason to do them. This is a disappointed state of affairs. It is almost maddening how disorganized the Campaign system feels at the moment.

This was the beginning of my post from yesterday, better post coming after lunch.


Omoikitte said...

LIES you said two posts, this is half of one !!!

bgalvin said...

Omoi speaks the truth, where are the goods, like you dying on the way to Omega?

Treubond said...

Little note, Campaign Ops are a great way to level up low level jobs without having to actually join a party on them. I have been doing Crystal Fists III and at 290 a pop along with a choco race scroll and an escort exp scroll I can get about 3500 exp a week on a lower level job. Also, Campaign Ops do help rank you up in Campaign. I have gotten rank ups before doing strictly Campaign Ops, but it is generally easier to just do Campaign battles.