Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Well, fuck...

Yeah, so what if I have been having crappy blog entries lately. What the fuck am I supposed to be writing about? I suppose I should get around to Ashhhhh's BLU macros for his Xbox 360 where I get to play the "what the fuck are the modifiers on the spells that you are using" plus the SE-induced "lets mock our players by having huge amounts of gear and only six slots to swap them around" game. Not that gear selection and optimization doesn't make me all giddy inside like a huge ice cream sundae or your first blow job (giving or receiving depending on sex, preference or sexual preference, of course). That reminds me of a joke my friend used to use on me whenever I was quite impressed with some high school accomplishment of some sort, in which he would simply state that he had sex in high school, and I will left without retort, well except that I did touch a boob in high school, but I don't know if that left me in a better position or worse. But I digress... Ashhhhh's day will come, and that day will be a glorious day, in which all names will end in a repetition of their last letter! But that day is not today, today is the day I say, GOD FUCKING DAMMIT I FORGOT TO UPLOAD MY SWEET SWEET PICS AGAIN! Well, fuck, indeed. And something good actually happened this weekend, besides the alcohol induced vomit-fest that was Saturday night. Indeed, on Saturday we had a fantastic run in Zhayolm in which the two froggies gave us one item each! The first was Usukane 35 hands, which I won the lot on, yay go me! The second was Morrigan 35 feet which Ashhhhh won the lot on. It was definitely one of the best runs we have ever had and promptly after the run I had to go out to a friends bachelor party in which I could talk about FFXI for fear of social ridicule. I almost exploded, LOL. I am King of the Dorks, but at least I can admit it.

To the point, lets just say that at least I have some fucking perspective on the level of dorkdom I have achieved playing this game. Some people think they are actually cool spending 10-12 hours a day playing a video game. To them, I say, there is always someone cooler than you, you are just a big fish in a tiny little pond. There is someone out there that had sex in high school for you too.

Randomness off for a moment, I do have some game related stuff I want to go over, because it has been a very good week or so. Lets do the non-Salvage stuff because that will be easier (and I actually have some screenshots from those events). Ok, so last Thursday, Versus did it's first TP burn Kirin by ourselves. We have done it before with another LS that isn't around anymore, but we had like 30-40 people there for it so it wasn't much of a challenge really. This time we did it with something like 25+ people, but we were very limited on DD's, with only 12 available, so we didn't really have anyone to sub in when people died. The rest of the people were there to be ready to kite Kirin if something went horribly wrong. LOL But nothing went wrong, and our first Kirin was faster than when we did it with more people. The first Kirin was, if I recall correctly, 2:43 or something like that. We are always looking for more W. legs and it was really nice to see the abjuration drop after such a good Kirin. Our second Kirin was even better, and we killed it in 1:58, which kind of blew my mind. We got another Shining Cloth from it and a N. Body which Raikoh finally got after a really long time of waiting for it.

Next we had an Omega run, and after farming Omega for gunpods we were able to get close to another set for Omega, only missing a Smalt Chip now. As with last time, I had everyone random to see who would open the chest, and because last time Achikasama won the random and Achi is horrible luck, I had the second highest person do it and we got a Homam Body, this time I did the same thing, and I didn't let the highest random open the chest, and again another Homam Body. Now this Homam body was supposed to go to Darkdawn, who is was locked on it, but they dc'ed right before the fight and they weren't able to get back on, so we had to do the fight anyway and adjust the lots. But in the small hope that Darkdawn would get back on in time, I didn't pass and we left a spot open for DD in case he got back in time. Well, he did, and he got into the alliance and was able to lot about 5 seconds before it finally auto-distributed. :) So congratulations to Darkdawn! It was pretty epic at the time and I kind of forgot who got the feet and head but Yay for them!

Finally, there was a lot that happened in Salvage. As I already mentioned we were able to get Usukane 35 hands for me, and Morrigan 35 feet for Ashhhhh (who I hear got an ear-full from Crlmsonking about that, and I even called it the Family Feud when I said they both could lot it), I have picks of those both for tomorrow, or later today. We still aren't able to complete Zhayolm remnants and kill both frogs right now. Yesterday, we were able to kill the 5th floor frog and the boss but we wouldn't have had time for the 6th floor frog too. Well, for yesterdays run we got Morrigan's 25 legs for Skurlover and Marduk 25 feet which went to Omoi. We will still need to get Usukane 25 head for Hiryo so that he can get his Usukane Somen but we also need to complete Akanea's Usukane legs and Iz's Skadi feet, from LBC, which hasn't been entirely friendly on the drops that we need probably because we found out something new. It's a total wimp.

Let me clarify here, because there is still some dispute about this, but the last two times that we killed 10/10 of the Archaic Gear and we killed the Archaic Chariot also, and we were able to kill LBC in under 5 minutes the first time and under 4 minutes the second time. We don't have any relics in our group, and we don't have any King abjurations either, we do have excellent players though and we have pretty decent gear. All that being said to be able to kill LBC in 4 minutes is pretty huge. The amount of time that it takes to kill the Archaic Chariot on the 4th floor is about 3 minutes, but the time trade off for LBC is for us something like 4-5 minutes. If that means even 1-2 more minutes in the 4F rampart then it is definitely worth it. Just to be clear, the Archaic Chariot, in my experience, though I do not have true proof of the effect, massive decreases LBC's evasion, defense and magic defense. It is very easy to hit, hit for more and land debuffs when the Archaic Chariot is killed. The next thing that I want to test is if there is an effect from killing the Archaic Gears in the room with the Archaic Chariot.

Well, tonight I have Salvage with Rakuen, and I can't wait. :)


Crlmsonking said...

He only got an earful because he came out with the wonderful comment of "Oh, are they useful for RDM then?" *stab* lol

Ashhhhh said...

Shes right u know ><

No rush on the macros, ring...
im fairly adept at blu gearset macros and think they are on the right path...was more looking for a 2nd opinion ^^