Thursday, May 08, 2008

What is wrong with you?

So, last night I was in a party for my BLM, my dreaded BLM, oh how I loathe BLM. Anyway, I picked up a regular party which started with BLM, WHM, THF, NIN and with a MNK and SCH on the way. Things seemed just peachy until the NIN asked if more people were coming after about 30 seconds. To which I replied, of course. The SCH showed up just a few minutes later and I after I invited them then NIN demanded to know who the sixth member was going to be. I informed him that it was a MNK and inquired as to why he was so insistent on knowing the party make up. Mind you, his was not a curious question, but a demand to know the 6th member. The NIN told me that if I was going to invite another mage that I could find another tank, to which I responded with a laugh. And we were quickly off to camp, but things continued to spiral out of control when the NIN asked about the mobs that we would be fighting, and I responded as the 31 BLM I was at the time that we would be fighting Beetles and Bats in the Garliage Citadel. Our NIN who obviously was big on earning the respect of his peers stated that he did not want to fight Bats. Did not want to fight Bats in the Garliage Citadel. Did not want to fight Bats. Bats. In the Citadel. I regretfully informed him that there were limited options for him at this point and that in all likelihood he would be just fine. To which he responded that if he died he was going to leave. Now up until this point the party had remained generally passive in regards to our particularly whiny level 32 NIN, but in response to this remark the party, almost universally, went bat-shit crazy on him. There were indications to the NIN that he should not be leveling a tanking job if he did not want to tank, also it was noted that dying was inevitable in the game, and that perhaps another game would be better for him if he did not wish to die. I believe Parchizi was suggested at one point but I may be mistaken. The NIN then proceeded to inform us that he was in fact a high level player, a 68 BLU to be exact and he was just leveling NIN for a sub. Again statements were made to the fact that it didn't excuse the level of complaint that was issuing forth, nor did it justify bad play. Sadly, things spiraled, comments were made to capability of the NIN's tanking prowess, and during a pull our poor NIN friend decided to blow himself up and leave. For better or for worse, it was not really noticed to much effect besides a few trailing jokes at the NIN's expense. The NIN for some reason then sent me a tell attempting to explain the circumstances under which he left...

I informed him that he was a douche.

He said that there really was no one to blame for the situation...

I informed him that there actually was someone to blame, himself.

Why, oh why, do new people feel as if they do not have to learn what so many others have learned about the game? Why do they feel special as if they rules somehow do not apply to them? Why do they feel they are exempt from having to pay their dues like everyone else has? I know another person like this, and it kind of leads to LS hopping then eventually server hopping as they try to find the cheapest route to their "rightful" reward. In the end they end of glomming on to other people for a while until they have annoyed them with their lack of personal action but huge expectation of reward. The leach is a typical part of the game, but even most leaches just leach onto the initiative of others, but this kind of person is even worse than that, they are the kind of person that tries to subvert other people when they are not catered to, then make them feel guilty for not catering to them. The problem is that it only takes one or two times before people figure out that this kind of person is just total slime. Can you tell I don't really like the person in question? LOL Ah well, another day, another diatribe.

As for my BLM, it is now 33, only 4 more levels of hell. :)

Only a few more levels then I will be able to toss it away like I did with THF and DRK. :)

By the way, you might get a token entry tomorrow, but I am taking a half day and heading to the beach for a week, I won't be posting until I get back.


Bg said...

if only you could use the whiney southern accent you used on vent to describe the story to your readers.

ice said...

I want the nins name the story was hilarious.

Evilpaul said...

LOL, I seem to run into that NIN everytime I take a job from 30-37 with the Shitadel. Having taken NIN to 75 and gone through there, the only annoying thing about the bats was the Evasion Down nonsense, but that really isn't so bad anymore.

Now you can just buy an Erase scroll for 10k or whatever for the WHM who never has it. And DNC has whatever that Esuna-type Waltz is that cures it as well.

The NINs who won't tank, the SMNs who won't heal (in parties that it's very workable), the WHM who wants to skill up with Banish/Holy rather than do something mildly useful...ah, there's actually a lot of people who need to drink deeply of a bleach smoothie. :)

There's some worms in the Bastok [S] area you can probably solo fairly easily to get to 37. Sigil Refresh is really awesome at low levels.