Thursday, May 01, 2008

Playing catch-up.

Honestly guys, I have no idea what motivates you to comment on some blog entries and leave some others without even a peep. I try to make my posts interesting and sometimes even semi-controversial so that you have something to read and enjoy and maybe make a comment. I love reading the comments, but you people, you mean, mean people don't leave comments enough! :) I do actually care about what you have to say. Sometimes this blog is just about what I want to say and I don't care if you read, but sometimes its about providing information that may be helpful.

And hopefully this will be helpful. Go get your WS Gorgets now, and don't sit on your organs for months like yours truly. They probably have a huge accuracy bonus, so much so that I have now considered shifting around my WS gears. There is also a rather large caveat here though and that is one-hit WS also have some kind of accuracy buff on them, and that may also effect the outcome of the results that were reported. For my SAM though, that is largely irrelevant because all of the WS of interest are only one-hit. In the end here were the results test by Rukenshin and reported here:

- 413.35 accuracy in melee gear, resulting in an 85% hit-rate.

- 374.45 accuracy in WS gear, resulting in a 96% hit-rate.
That is a huge amount of accuracy. Even if single-hit WS were buffed so that their accuracy was boosted, there still has to be a very large accuracy bonus from the WS Gorgets. Well, because I had been lazy about getting my WS Gorgets and with seeing this information, I finally got off my ass and picked up these: So I now have I have my Gorgets for Gekko, Kasha and Yukikazi (I already had a Breeze Gorget) and I also spent some times fixing my SAM macros. Normally on other jobs I have my macros set up so my WS gear and the actual WS in two different macros, but for SAM, this just doesn't seem right so I have added the WS to the gear swap macro just for SAM. I still don't know where to stick Sekkanoki on my macro palette yet. If you are curious, this is what my WS gear looks like now.
Anyway, go out and get your WS Gorgets now. :) Don't be lazy like me.

You know someone has had bad parenting when they turn out like this:
Good day, sir! I said good day!


Options said...

You think that name's bad, you should check around. There's a 'Raggingbull' running around. Apparently, he's unclear on the concept of a) Ragging, b) a bull, c) spelling, or d) all of the above.

JESS said...

RingThree is correct.
You are supposed to melee in the Sea Torques and WS in the WS Gorgets. I still need my GreatSword Gorget and actually used some of it's organs for my Anrin Dark Obi last night. We should do a LinkShell Organ run 1 night. ~BAM

Anonymous said...

Eh, I just post whenever I feel like it :p

I knew the gorgets added a ton of acc, I just don't miss howling fist with that damm thing on.

Looking forward to using light gorget on Wheeling :3

iceblazek said...

i learned to stop leaving comments since the 15 part math post.

skurlover said...

Don't you use my fucking Charlie and the Chocolate Factory quotes again, you thief!!!

secret said...

Onslaught dammage

Anonymous said...

never seen the duo,

Gofu & ckyourself
in upper jeuno have you? lol

Anonymous said...

I literally lol'd at the name.