Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Test Subjects

As I mentioned before, Skurlover has to be the most insanely lucky person that I know. Last week he got our first pair of Macha's slops because no one else on the run even had a job close to being able to use them, and then this weekend, he got this: Salvage is all about being in the right place at the right time, and being there a lot. Going a lot is going to net you what you need eventually. At least that is what I keep telling myself. Anyway, we did another SSR run, pretty much went perfectly and we were a perfect 0/5 on NM's! Picture perfect, really. Some day that stupid Hammerblow will drop his mask, but it wasn't going to be yesterday. We actually have a bunch of needed gear from SSR and still some from Arrapago, so it looks like those are going to be our main goals for while. Definitely going to go for some 25's too, but still need a bunch of 35's before shifting over completely to boss focused runs.

Yesterday, we did an other Omega, and like the last two, we got another half of a new Omega set, and thus the justification for farming Omega for Gunpods is realized. I also, kind of on the fly, changed the way that we deal with the Gunpods. Instead of having the off tank worry about them, I usually just switch off of Omega, put up Seigan and Third Eye then voke it and it is dead in two WS's. And, I would like to emphasize that even when I do lot on Omega gear, which I started to do recently to outfit my DRG (and yes, Omoi it is because you kicked my ass on your DRG on the parse, happy? ^.^) I never lot very high. Nothing changed about that last night, or for Omoi either. Wow, bad lots LOL. This is actually the first Homam piece that I have obtained from Versus, and I already have the hands from ShutUpandDance so I just need to get the Legs to finish out the Homam I need for my DRG. Omoi got the last piece she really needs because she will just use her Dusk Gloves until she gets Homam hands. I was so busy that I didn't even get a chance to trade it in last night, I will do that some time today. Omoi has actually been doing quite well on her DRG as of late, and she had her shining moment this weekend. Of all the things in the game, this was the more important for her, and the fact that she finally got it made me quite proud. Congratulations, Omoi. Well deserved.

Ok, back to picking up where I left off yesterday. Let us begin with Subject No. 1. A Blue Mage that needs several different gear selections: a TP build set, a WS build set, a general spell casting set (STR/DEX) and a Cannonball gear set. For the TP and WS gear sets I will be operating under the idea that they are using NIN sub and for Cannonball using /THF. I am also operating with a specific Blue Mage's gear selection so this is not trying to achieve optimal gear, but more to optimize gear that this Blue Mage already has.

BLU/NIN TP build:
Main: Perdu Hanger
Off: Ifrit's Blade
Ranged: Tiphia Sting
Head: Walahra Turban
Neck: Fortitude Torque
Right Ear: Suppanomimi
Left Ear: Brutal Earring
Body: Homam Corazza
Hands: Dusk Gloves
Right Ring: Ulthalam's Ring
Left Ring: Rajas Ring
Back: Amemet Mantle +1 (This is not in his list of gear but he should get one)
Waist: Swift Belt (I am not sure if he has this but it should be a high priority if he doesn't, as temporary replacement Potent Belt is ok)
Legs: Galliard Trousers (Obviously second tier compared to Homam, but still decent)
Feet: Marine M Boots (Again, obviously second tier to Homam)

Thats it for today, more on this and the justification for this set-up tomorrow.


Options said...

If you're going to aim for haste/acc for a BLU TP set, why not bother to include Dusk Ledelsens which will provide both haste and attack. which would seem to move the Marine M Boots to third. Depending on our theoretical BLU's merit distribution, they might benefit more from Denali Gamashes for STR and Acc.

Also, depending on the ToAU rank of our prospective BLU, Volunteer's Brais often tend to make a better leg option than Galiard for TP, although Galiard have their advantages for WS macro sets.

Homam is often the best piece for various slots for TP, but you're missing several other options.

Ringthree said...

Well, I didn't mention about 100 different peices of gear because he doesn't have them available, like I mentioned in the beginning. I was just pointing out the obvious. Homam is the best for BLU because of the Accuracy and Haste.

I am not trying to name all of the options possible, just creating a set up with what I have to work with.

The Blue Mage in question said...

Ring mentioned that we are working within the realms of gear i currently have not to refit me with a whole new wardrobe (although i do have the gil/means to expand my gear if needed). I play /thf 99% of the time and the pieces ive chosen more benefit /thf since /nin sucks royal ass for endgame.
I play on xbox and therefore dont have windower to enable me to throw 16 pieces in a macro. If needs must then ill use more than 1 macro button for gear swaps, but it would get real tedious hitting 2 macros to swap say...str/dex set then do disseverment then hit another 2 macros back to tp set, thats just dumb to me, it would make casting spells way to cumbersome.
I toyed with V Brais, but id lose the str and vit, and the reason for Galliard?
Galliard are an all-round piece that i dont swap (same goes for the feet slot), therefore the best all-round item out there imo.
I dont disagree with Ring about the /nin setup, but as i said, since i dont play /nin ive never geared for it.

Options said...

Well, if this is all he has, this is all he has. You may want to consider a MND and a M.Acc build for certain configurations, though.

the blue mage in question said...

My god Options, READ and UNDERSTAND...I have a lot of primo gear that just possibly needs applying differently than i do right now. THAT is the point of this blog entry. if i wanted help on a mind or magic accuracy setup, i would have asked for it...i didnt and anyways, any fool can pile on mind.
SHEESH!!! "all he has" indeed.
Go bother someone else, ive wasted way too much of my life typing these responses to your obtuse comments

HEX said...

I am watching you boy........ you must join my LS.

Crlmsonking said...


Iz said...

Might not want to watch him behind closed doors... he is a sick man.

the blue mage in question said...

If you was referring to me Hex, i would have to decline your offer....I dont do douchebaggery on anywhere near as grand a scale as you do, i just wudnt fit in ^^