Friday, April 18, 2008

Selective Douchebaggery

So, I was talking about the subject of this post on Vent last night when Bg suggested the title and said I should make a post about it. I thought the title was cool enough to justify the post alone. LOL Anyway, so, I was wondering why people join bad LS's. And I don't mean bad as in can't kill things, can't get drops or whatever, but like bad in the sense that they are douchebags. I mean I can understand if someone wants to join an LS that is like epic at being douchebags. Now, I am not saying people should be douchebags of any level but I can understand the completely selfish and assholish motivation to do things like kill steal, MPK, bot, hack, whatever. What I don't understand is why people join LS's that just do low-level douchebaggy things. Things like seeing an LS setting up for a Limbus run, charging in and taking the zone without saying anything at all, like overcamping at Water, like bringing an XP party with a PLD/WAR to Greater Colibri when you have been clearing the area with a two BRD party for hours. I mean come on, even the worst MPKing HNM LS members don't do ticky-tack crap like that. So, man, if your going to be a douchebag and least be an epic douchebag, really get into it, but this minor league douchebaggery just makes you look like, well, a real douchebag.

Anyway, yesterday was busy and shockingly productive. Sea first, no Temperance after a bit of scouting but we did do a Prudence and finally got our second torque for the LS. Honestly, this was a lot easier than our last try at Prudence and I think I know why. We are in general better off when have an extra tank or two and an extra healer or two. I don't know why but that extra level of comfort makes it so that those extras just aren't really needed, but without them when things go bad they go bad in a hurry. Anyway, the torque is nice for DRK using Great Sword and went to Noze for his DRK. Still makes me wish that we could actually get more torques that would make me smile like a Justice or Love torque. After Prudence we did a nice split Limbus run, a Tier 1 Temenos and an Apollyon which finished Omoi's Omega set. Even with that Omega set, it is time to focus on Ultima for a while.

Also last night we did an SSR run. It was Bg's first run, and Blaize and Celestria came with us. It was simply the best SSR run we have ever had. Killed Hammerblow, Dekka, Gyroscopic Gear, Gyroscopic Gears and Citadel Chelonian, and got Long-Armed Chariot to 19% before timing out. And I know exactly how we could have cleared it all. When pulling the Archaic Ramparts for the turtle we should have also just pulled the Archaic Chariot too. Instead, we had a semi-messy pull after we had killed the turtle in which two people died to the gear train. So we were down a little bit for the boss to start. Putting together everything on in one pull would have saved a bunch of time and it would have meant that we would only have to sac the room one time, instead of 2 to get the Chariot to open the door. The best part is that the Chariot to open the door is very weak, so killing it takes almost no time. If we change that on the first pull, we easily beat the zone, because we save time and we don't risk anyone dying. If you hadn't guess by now, there were no drops. SSR never drops anything at all. LOL I do have a screen shot from Tuesday's Salvage though... This is starting to be a trend. LOL

In other news, I have moved a little bit further along on my WHM. It is now level 56 and I have moved forward but not quite completed my WHM AF. I have finished the quest to complete my Healer's Duckbills and I have finished up the requirements to get my Healer's Briault with the help of Bg and Emin so what if the NM is stronger than I expected and killed me pretty quick! Hehehe. Bg was able to finish up the fight and I got my Tavnazian Mask to complete the quest.
Also you may notice that Bg now has a shiny new Joyeuse and that is because after losing it or getting it stolen several time before he left he came back and got it on the third day that he was back. Woot! :) Congrats Bg! I also killed Dark Spark so that I could finally finish up my MNK AF hands... yeah, don't ask about that. And now I can start my WHM AF hands and get the other good pieces for my WHM.

I also did some more Wings missions/cutscenes, and Cait Sith is a pretty neat looking cat. :) Let me take you back in time! First, you have to drop through a giant asshole in the sky! Then a slinky cat will come up and interrogate you. It's a very emotional cat, you see, for it will purr for you. It will cry for you. And it will fall down and beg you to come hither. Actually, if you think about it that way, it sounds like some kind of creepy porno.

And finally, in the vein of creepy porno... maybe Achi doesn't have a career in it, but she does seem to have an awful lot of knowledge about the subject. See you on Monday.


cyprias said...

Yeah... those hands are important?


Kallo Landis said...

Heh, heh. Douchebags. Why they be? ...why they be?

Ringthree said...

LOL Cyp. I have a fully merited MNK and it is my best geared job, and I haven't even finished my AF quests. :)

cyprias said...

Welp least you have em. You'll notice a significant increase in Chi blasts and WS while boosting in them now :)

llq said...

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