Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Return of Ringmo!

Ringmo made his triumphant return this weekend when I took Omoi to a Rakuen Salvage run. I thought I did pretty badly but I didn't let anyone die and I keep everyone hasted as much as I could. I as tried to do some of the things that I think that a lot of WHM forget about doing like putting a Banish II or III on any undead mobs that we were fighting for the additional defense down effect.

I am definitely moving in divergent directions right now in game. I have started focusing on leveling a craft and one I believe that is in general very profitable even while skilling up if I do it carefully. I have never been one to focus on crafting for more than a day at a time but recently the idea of actually having a bit of a gil cushion to fall back on has been a better and better idea. Also as I get more and more Usukane pieces the need for more money to pay for the head and body becomes important. Finally, at this point the need for HQ to replace NQ piece is also pressing as my gear for MNK and SAM has started to stall. Yes, that ever elusive Ace's Helm still... eludes me but the conundrum still exists. Either I need a rare/ex piece or I need an HQ piece to replace what I have so far. There is nothing that I can point at and say "Hey, I need to get this item off the AH." Everything is going to require some sort of effort, or the real problem, it is going to require some sort of effort with a tiny chance of it even dropping.

Anyway, there was a weekend and a sick day for me, not really a good weekend over all for me. I just did some crafting and slept a lot. I did some meriting too, and capped out Enemy Critical Hit rate, which means that now I have to start focusing on jobs I don't play that often. LOL I think I will finish up DRG then do WAR. I really need to crank up my Imperial Standing because I want to get a Perdu Voulge for my WAR. That combined with a six hit set up and I will be ready to rock on my WAR. My DRG will still require a little bit of work because I need to get some Homam gear there. Anyway, the focus is still on getting some 35's from Salvage and we did a couple of good runs in SSR to try to get this to happen, but of course we got nothing. LOL SSR is supposed to have the absolute worst drop rates, but it just seems that all of Salvage sucks when it could to drops. LOL The way to get gear from Salvage is just to go as often as you can because at some point the gear is going to drop and you are going to get what you are looking for. I am hoping pretty much equally for head, hands or body at this point, but I obviously don't have the money for the body yet, but I am actually making a way for myself to get to a good place to make money. For Usukane gear and for other reasons.

Tomorrow I want to talk about a new phenomenon I have been noticing as of late The JP dual-boxed character. More things I don't get about the JP's, trying to make an MMO into a single player game. Isolation over integration doesn't seem to work very well and is probably one of the things that causes the RMT mentality that the JP's have. Ahh, well, thats for tomorrow. I am leaving a little early today, so a short post until tomorrow.

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Myrna said...

It's nothing new to me, but then again I also play EVE where multiple charecters and accounts at the same time is almost the norm.

FFXI though, different story. A bit. Kindof.