Friday, March 21, 2008

Help wanted.

So, it's time to pick up another job. Yeah, I just finished MNK and it is very well rounded, but I have noticed a rather large gap we have for most events and that is having a BRD in NA times. Our BRDs are generally Achikasama who can't play as much as we need and Ashhhhh who is on EU time and also likes to play on BLU (where his bad ass gear lies). This sometimes leaves us without a BRD for some events. Here is something else that I have noticed, we don't need me as NIN as much as we used to. Izman, Samuraisoldier, Raikoh and Croce all are amazing tanks and can do better than I can in all situations. We don't need another SAM for most events, because well, we have about 8 million of them. We do need a consistent BRD that doesn't pull away one of our best DD and SC players. Since I have no aversion to leveling jobs, I am seriously thinking about doing this. Where does that put my WHM? Probably back to the place that it has always been, on the back burner. LOL Another thing I really want to accomplish is getting a lot of my mage subjobs taken care of sooner rather than later. Thats another 10 levels on BLM and another 15 on SCH, but SCH is going to have to wait until Omoi gets back.

The nice thing about this situation is that my BRD is already at 37 and that means its about about 15 levels until Aht Urhgan areas and being about to burn through the rest of the levels. I don't want to neglect my WHM along the way, but I do want to get my BRD done soon. It will take a little bit of balancing and I will need to get an HQ staff or two instead of sending money to Dizz, but that is acceptable in my opinion. I think I will really like BRD because I am pretty annoying when it comes to pulling honestly, when people don't pull fast enough I just end up pulling myself and that can cause real problems if people aren't ready for it. If I am on BRD then I can pull and can control the pace of XP. Now, I obviously wont be using this in Salvage, but it might be situationally useful in Assaults, and even more so in Sky and Sea and especially in Limbus.

Anyway, yesterday was Sea for Versus, and although we had little luck with Temperance (didn't try very hard) we did get Ix'DRK to pop relatively early on. And for the first time from Ix'DRK we managed to get a Vice instead of a Dead. Croce ended up winning the lot on the Vice for his RDM. This alone made it a good day in Sea. Our Limbus run was a bit split, but we made out with a good amount of coins and we were able to get another chip toward an Omega set. Also in Sea was Jess, in his fully completed DRK TP gear. Pretty bad ass in general. I think the only thing he is missing at this point is an Ace's Helm.

Versus is in a good place right now even though Omoi is gone for about two weeks. We are going to limit major spawning and focus on building up a good number of pop sets for Sea and Limbus so that when Omoi returns we will be able to collect a huge number of new items for people.

I think thats it for today, I am not really feeling well enough to focus on something new so you will have to deal with this until Monday.


Myrna said...

I considered BRd for a while as my next job since I end up pulling sometimes as RDM, and i'm usually fairly crazy about it. Then I realized I rely on Gravity too much.

BRD looks fun, if you haven't leveled RDM or other job that will make you hate humanity.

JESS said...

..... Aces Helm, Justice Torque, that 6% speed belt thingy, and I am debating on replacing the Fire Ring with that new 4Acc+ Store1Tp ring.....
That is what I still need for Drk/Sam (Scythe) TP-build macro set still....

~BAM .Jess
woooot-aga I'm in Rings Blog ;P

Anonymous said...

have you found a way to self sc without 2hring using sekkonki if so what set up did you use?