Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Annoyances really bother me more than anything. A real legitimate problem is something that I can face head on. You deal with a problem or you adapt to the situation, but it is much more clear cut than an annoyance. An annoyance is something that obviously gets on your nerves, but for some reason or another there is no clear cut solution to the issue at hand. Whether it be social convention, impractically in resolution, or a resource limitation, there is something that elevates a problem to an annoyance. Now you may think that a problem, by definition, is worse than an annoyance but I disagree. Problems are existential within all parts of life, and as such should not necessarily be considered with negative connotations. C'est la vie, as the French would say (probably before surrendering something or other). The point is that just because there is a road block in your way do not mean that it is something bad. It is what stems from problems that creates the negativity around the idea. Frustration, panic, despair, annoyance, these are all the real negative emotions that stem from problems. Problems are the horse for the psychological baggage cart. Since the problems are only the catalyst for some other feeling they in and of themselves should carry no value. Here is a game related example. You want a Ridill. Problem: Ridill drops from Fafnir, which you must claim and kill and have the Ridill drop and win lot. The problem may be the instigation for the negative feelings of frustration, annoyance and despair, all of which could stem from any level of the problem. The thing is, do you think Fafnir cares? Is there an intention to cause these emotions? Of course not, this is an emotionless scenario whose value is only prescribed by those that have trouble dealing with the problem. Now you might think that I am splitting hairs here, but I am not. Because that same problem can cause other emotions too, it can cause happiness, joy, satisfaction and fulfillment when the problem is finally overcome, or in this example, the Ridill finally drops and you win the lot. The problem hasn't changed. Fafnir was still there, you still had to get claim, kill it, have Ridill drop and win the lot. The only difference is that one of the potential scenarios led to a different set of emotional responses. In this way, it is easy to differentiate between the problem and annoyance.

This isn't to say that problems don't cause frustration, anger and annoyance in myself. I am in no way better or worse than anyone else in this respect. I can just recognize the crux of my negative emotions better than most I think.

As I said, the emotion that I have the most problem with is annoyance, because it is caused by the kind of problem that is small enough to not merit immediate solution or a solution requires more annoyance than just accepting the initial annoyance. The reason that annoyance get me more than anything else is because of their inherently irresolvable nature. I prefer to deal with issues rather than let them linger. In this way, annoyance is the emotion that is most likely to cause a negative emotional state in me. So what annoys me? Glad you asked.

I don't know if this really is going to be a list, or just a long diatribe. Lets see where it goes, shall we?

Server transfers. That is a good start. Now, I don't necessarily mind everyone that server transfers, some have legitimate reasons. They have real life friends on another server is a good one, and well, I can't really come up with much else. To me, server transfers are the best way for the most douchebaggiest of players to be granted tabula rosa to preform the same actions that caused them to have to switch servers in the first place. At best, it just buys them time and maybe a few more sheep to slaughter before they have forced themselves to move on yet again. Here is the rub: There are no greener pastures. If you are going to fuck yourself over on one server, you are just going to do it again on another server. If you are a server transfer, here is a good place to start, do not think that because you were big and bad on another server that anyone will give a flying fuck about you on another server. They already have their big and bad players there, and by this time in the game people know that just wearing uber gear won't put you over with the natives. My point here is that if you think you can come to Odin and either try to take over or become the new bad ass or that you think that your douchebaggery will go unnoticed you are sorely mistake. There is a reason that Odin has a reputation for being so cordial, and that is because there is a rather rigid social order here. Even the worst people on Odin operate on a literally years-old end-game structure. There are 4 major NA Kings LS's, and this has been the case for a long time. There is little flux between them, and this order has worked to establish an understanding of the positioning of these LS's. This familiarity and tradition operates to prevent a disruption of this order. There are those that operate on the fringes, as well they should as everything is always in flux, but the stability of these LS's actually works to stabilize the entire server. So, if you are looking to come to Odin to make a name for yourself you are insanely naive and your hubris will likely come back to bite you in the ass.

Selling Characters. This is another one of those things that annoys the fuck out of me. Seriously, if you are planning to ever sell your character, just fucking die in a fire. The idea that since you have quit you have no obligation to those people that helped you to build your character is utterly ridiculous, disrespectful and speaks to the self-absorbed nature of any twat-bag that would do such a thing. How about this, when you sell your character that will likely be used to fuck those people that helped you to get all the gear that you are now using as an advertisement to sell your character, you send them their cut! You didn't do all that shit on your own, and in fact, the people that are most likely to sell their accounts are the same people that begged to get all the gear whether they needed it or not. Only people so fucking self-centered as to think that they should be rewarded for other people's work would think of selling their accounts. These people are the worst people in the world.

Fucking RMT. I don't even hate the actual gil-sellers as much as the gil-buyers anymore. Get a fucking clue. When you are paying millions for the new shiny gear that comes out with the new expansion just because it's new, it pretty much puts up a bright red flag to signal that you are a gil-buyer. The evidence can be seen in the radical price drop of the Merzaq with the introduction of the Thalassocrat. Umm, what? They are almost identical, with the Mezraq having one less damage but two more STR. And at this point I am pretty convinced that although almost impossible to parse the difference for these polearms, the Mezraq is better just based upon the calculations behind it. 1 more weapon damage does not make up for a good chance to bump up fSTR and increase pDIF, maybe it does but it's already late and I may take this up tomorrow, but let me be clear. The Thalassocrat is NOT I repeat NOT a clear cut choice for a better weapon. If you are dumping millions on it (the price has already come down on it) then you are just buying gil. No other explanation. I hate NA gil-buyers because they are sneaky about it, and I hate JP gil-buyers because they are so brazen.

People that let their mothers equip them. I have no problem with the idea that many people do not access to some gear. I do not have many pieces that I want for my ultimate gear selection, but what I do have is the next best thing that is available to me. Sure, sure there are exceptions and you can make arguments for something else, but ultimately you are doing it wrong. This annoyance is multiplied 10 fold when those that make the wrong choices try to defend them. Ignorance is fine, but if they know that there is a better alternative with proof, then they are embracing their ignorance, and this drives me literally insane. It's one of those "I want to play the game my way" things that makes me crazy because you play the game with OTHER PEOPLE TOO! And other people have to rely on you, and if they are making 100% effort and you are not then you are screwing your friends because of your ignorance or stubbornness or whatever the reason. It is rude and disrespectful to all of the people that work together to help achieve your goals and theirs. Another example of this is people that are unwilling to adapt to change. You know that PLD that still comes /WAR to burn parties? Yeah, that guy. They say that it is because people don't know how to tank anymore and that /WAR is the real way to tank. It was the "real" way to tank in 2005 because no one knew any better, not because it was better! Again the point here is that it is not about personal preference. This is a game of calculations, and the calculation carry weight, as we gain a greater understanding of the game you have to adapt to this knowledge. If you choose not to adapt it just means that you are a bad player, not that you are defending some righteous tradition. There is justice and honor is doing your best and not clinging to things that have been proven to be inferior. Last night, in an angry moment, I declared that PLD's shouldn't be allow to XP on birds. Of course I did not mean that I do not think that PLD's should be allowed to XP, what I should have said is that stupid people should not be allowed to XP, ever. :) A PLD/NIN with DD gear is not a top-notch DD but they can hold their own and they can help to save MP for the party to get more Haste and debuffs, etc. So they can actually help to improve the performance of the party, if they try to make an effort to actually do their best in that situation. /WAR has it's places for PLD, but honestly, PLD/NIN is the BETTER choice for tanking most end-game stuff anymore. Great PLD's like Izman, Ailee and Bgalvin adapt to this and make adjustments to be the best in EVERY situation. If you choose not to do that, you are choosing to be left behind.

Camps. This is my most recent annoyance. Ok, in general I have no problem respecting people's camps, but I see this respect as a continuum. I do not have perfect respect for camps and I do not have perfect disrespect for people that try to steal my camps. Here is the thing, there are limited good camps in FFXI. The best camp is the Nyzul Isle Colibri camp. Here are some simple runs to the camp: PLD's subbing WAR and using defense gear in this camp is like a MNK subbing BLM. Completely useless, it's a waste of time and a waste of mobs that other people could be killing much more efficiently. This is especially true when YOU JUST FUCKING BARGE INTO A CAMP THAT PEOPLE ALREADY USING! Literally, you are going to pull 1 bird for their 5-10 mobs, and you are ONLY going to break their chain. Your xp is going to suck balls, but since you don't give a shit about anyone else it doesn't matter to you. But here is the other end of the spectrum, if you are in a party and it is filled with level 72-74's and probably that PLD/WAR in defense gear too, don't go to the bird camps. This is just as disrespectful as trying to steal a camp, and you should expect to have it stolen from you. This is not a contradiction, this is a compromise. Don't waste mobs. Everyone can agree to that. Their is a minimum level of ability that is needed to be able to hold a camp, and if you are just going to ruin it for everyone else then you are just a douche. This is especially true because there are other BETTER camps where you could XP. The island with Greater Colibri should have a level restriction of 75 at a freaking minimum. I am not saying you have to kill every single bird up at the same time, but if you are "pulling" to an actual "camp" then you are doing it wrong.

In the end, just stop doing it wrong and I will be happy. And stop acting like you are the only person playing the game.

Catharsis. :)

Last night was a good night. We have made a deal with a couple of friends in Rakuen to help them kill some Omega's for a cut of the loot.
Last night we did an Omega for Blaize. As usual it was quite easy, with Izman for the win with the Shield Bash! Amazing drops! Izman is TH5! LOL The feet went to Blaize, the legs went to Jess, and the body! FINALLY THE BODY! Ash finally got something! Hahaha! That is awesome! Poor Ash has been waiting for SO long to get Homam Corazza, now not only does he get the Homam Corazza but he also gets to lot on other gear that he needs for his BLU! So we were off to Mhaura! Jess had Salvage so we didn't get a picture of him in his new pants yet, but I did get Ash and Blaize! . The rest of the day was rather normal, but I was pleased as punch with the drops, and that really made my day even if some rude camp stealing defense wearing PLD asshole tried to ruin it! Haha! Can't keep me down. :)


Anonymous said...

A very fun to read post. I heard that EvilRingThree sent that PLD there to screw with you.


Wally said...

Good job in Limbus!