Monday, March 17, 2008

Frogs are always cool.

I like to post pictures in my blog, but in doing so I worry that people will get board of the same kind of pictures over and over again. Do you really want to see my level up pics for every WHM level from 51 to 75? Didn't think so, the only universal exception to this is any thing having to do or relating to frogs. Frogs are always cool. They are still total pains in the ass, though. Evil could be a good description of what they are, too. But the best shot I have is this: It looks like a murder scene, something out of "E's True Hollywood Stories: Poroggo Madame." Iz slowly putting away his axe. LOL Our frogs still haven't dropped anything, but we are getting faster and faster at Zhayolm. We would have had time to kill the boss if we had a RDM last night, or if we had skipped one of the 35 frogs. Either way, we had a really good strategy for the run. The second party stayed and killed Puks while the main party went on to get more from the first rooms on the first floor. We did something similar on the second floor, after the door was open in the first room after you zone up, we sent the second party to the next room to start clearing with the first party stayed to kill the Madame. Saves a lot of time. We did waste a lot of time coordinating this because it was the first time we did it, and we kind of accidentally cleared a room of the second floor which was a waste of time. Outside of that our run was pretty quick, and we got to spend a lot of Ninjafox's XP. He is excellent with sac'ing on the fifth floor and even pulled the Chariot without any links on the 6th floor. Great run in general.

Back before I left for the weekend we did a quick pickup in Zhayolm for the 4th floor frog and the 15 to complete my Usukane Sune-ate. It was a mess of a run and we didn't even have the right job combinations, but we still got the 15 that I needed! WOOT! The rest of the run was a waste because it took so long to kill the frog (frogged us like 6 times ;_;) that we couldn't even try the boss. Anyway, once I got back to town I rounded up the items that I needed, handed them in and got to wait until the next morning when I got my brand-new sexy feetsies! (Another artificial epic shot) Anyway, it still feels great to have these, and it feels different than a lot of other gear I have gotten. It's not just that these feet are so good, it is also that it actually allowed me to change a bunch of other slots. My MNK now wears Usukane Legs and Feet full time, while my SAM can maintain a 6-hit build without making any sacrifices in gear at all. In other Salvage related news over the weekend, Omoi lead Versus in a couple of runs. No 35's but we did get Jess his 15 to complete his Ares's Cuirass. That is our first body that we have completed so far, but we still need to get a bunch more. We need to get a bunch of things, LOL.

After the update a couple of things have become clear about the new gear for the new jobs. First of all, Potty got his AF done pretty quickly for his SCH, and it is especially strong in buffing all of the right areas for them. The added effects seem like some kind of joke over-buffed AF gear thread from BG. Seriously, every piece enhances some effects that SCH has, and it does it to rather strong effect. Feet give Fast Cast essentially always, Pants and Body add 15 levels to the Dark and Light Arts skill level enhancement, and the Head adds an extra tick to Scholars personal refresh effect. Further, Potty was already farming for Gnat Pellets for a set of Zenith Mitts -1 for his Scholar. The mob is supposed to be a little tough but really isn't that bad. Two SAMs, two WHM and a THF were able to destroy it pretty quickly. No drop though sadly. :(

Of final note, Blaize recently completed his Morrigan's feet... he was pretty happy about it.
Hopefully tomorrow the post wont be a recap place holder like today's. LOL.

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