Thursday, January 17, 2008

Slooooooooooow day.

Wednesday is the off day for Versus. Most people have Dynamis or they level or now do Campaign, which is what I did, on my WHM. I got maybe halfway to 41, and I think that I have figured out a decent formula to getting better XP for lower levels in Campaign, especially on my WHM. In general, I try to get the cap on the self buff and other buff categories by using bar spells, but this is limited by the adjustment for level, so the main thrust of my approach is to lock onto a tank or a good DD and just cure bomb them. The problem is that I still do not have Cure IV so I can't get that much healed, and I definitely can't keep a tank alive on my own. Only need a little more XP and I will have Cure IV, which will be really good in Campaign but generally not very good in XP parties yet. After doing about 5 Campaigns, Omoi got out of Dynamis, so Izman, Omoi and I went to go XP again on SCH, RDM and DNC again. Man it was easy, and we got to level 16 before it was too late to continue.

Honestly, that is about all I did with my day. So, until SE gives me something new to write about, or I do something of more interest, then this is all you can get in a day.

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