Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Attack of Ringmo!

Thaz used to be in a different Limbus LS that eventually fell apart so he has offered to give us some of his and his RL brothers chips sets. We did an Omega with one set last week, and we were going to do another Omega this week. There was only one problem though, it wasn't an Omega set, it was an Ultima set. Now this wouldn't really be a problem, except for the fact that Thaz couldn't be on for the Ultima run, so Omoi had to play Thaz for the fight. We were already set for tanks and DD's so there really wasn't a reason for another when we were going to be missing one of our WHM's, so that ended up with me playing as Omoi, or more appropriately dubbed Ringmo. Yes, that was me, the level 40 WHM doing a an end-game event as WHM! Hehehe, and Pot our other (pretty darn bad assed) LS WHM even said I did a decent job! Though he did say that when he died (drawn in after a Dissipation managed to get off) he almost had an anxiety attack. LOL But I did a decent job, I am not used to a regular Haste order yet, so I would over Haste at times and I would be a little bit slow to cure on the PLD after the first 20% because I wasn't sure if they were going to cure themselves our not. That will probably have to do more with learning what the PLD's like to do in certain situations. I never really realized how great our PLD/NIN's are until I had to heal them. Izman took two Citadel Busters, survived and went right back to tanking like normal, totally bad ass! As normal, right after the fight we headed over to Mhaura to get some screenshots of the rewards being traded in, and since Omoi had to take Thaz back to his mog house, I went as Ringmo and I bought a chocobo! Now, if you know Omoi then you would know how epic it is to see Omoikitte on a chocobo, because she runs everywhere to save money! LOL Anyway, the drops were Nashira Turban which went to Noze, and Elfaria finally got his Nashira Gages which pretty much completely rounds out his SMN set up.
That is probably the last time you will see Ringmo, which is probably best for humanity overall. Hopefully, my WHM will be high enough to be useful in the near future! I have been working on it steadily, but the real problem that I am having is not WHM, I really like WHM. The problem is leveling subs; I hate BLM, which is probably a requisite, but I am having fun leveling SCH with Izman and Omoi. We have gotten to level 17 so far, and in the end I think I will like SCH better for WHM than BLM except for maybe missing Warp. With DNC, RDM and SCH we can take on a whole lot of mobs, but we are a little slow to kill and it ends up draining Iz and my MP pretty quickly, requiring a bit of time to get it back. But the best part is that it is fun! We were killing stuff around the entrances to the cities in the past but they quickly became too weak and everything else outside of a small radius around the entrances were radically higher in level. So now we are back in the Dunes, and hopefully we will be able to get back at it again tonight!

Yesterday our LS event was the Promy climbs for the Apocalypse Nigh fight, it was a fun and relaxing event. We had some fun running around and basically set everyone up to be able to get their AN earrings. I am definitely going to go with the Ethereal Earring, the Attack without negative Evasion is very nice and goes along well with the additional HP. This is really good for my MNK, and I will use it on SAM until I switch my Suppanomimi to a Bushinomimi. I should mention that while I was away this weekend Versus did a full sky God run, the drops in general were pretty bad until Byakko, where we got 2 D. Legs, a B. Haidate and I believe a Behemoth Hide. :) The Haidate went to Eternalpain for his recently leveled MNK, and this actually puts us pretty close to everyone having the Haidate if they want it.

I have been doing a bit of Campaign on my WHM so that I can level it at weird times without a party and so that I can build up some Allied Notes and rank up. I don't really know what is coming for the ranks in Campaign but they generally have some kind of decent reward that is released later on and I don't want to do what I did with Assault and have to do them constantly just to get where I should have been when the gear is released. Playing as a 42 WHM in Campaign is pretty interesting, LOL. On a normal wave if I can find someone good to heal and I don't die or have to raise anyone then I usually make about 400+ xp, the most I have gotten so far was a little under 800 for a pretty busy Jugner Campaign. While I try to stand out of the way, some times the mobs just want to come after you no matter what, and you get hit for this: :) That was just a normal hit, no crit, no special proc, just it's sword caving in my head. While I was running around with Iz, Hellz and Willriker I did notice this little glitch: It was weird because when it was targeted it would appear with the "e" on the end in the target window and the chat log. Just thought that was interesting enough to screen shot.

So, in an attempt to follow up on our very successful try to kill Long-Armed Chariot last week we went again today. My plan was to skip all of the NM's and just head for the boss, but we were moving so quickly there was no reason to not try at least some of the NM's. We killed the Devilet on the second floor in record time so we killed Dekka too, sadly no drops.
Then on the third floor in the north room we cleared the gears really fast and then we had a bit of miscommunication. I had forgot to mention to Skur, our puller for the night, that the Gyroscopic Gear would pop as soon as the last gear was killed. So he pulled it thinking he had just missed one of the gears, while I was telling everyone to killed the speedy Devilet, it made for some fun times, and people thinking I was upset that they fought the wrong mob, when I wasn't at all, I more thought it was funny. It did get a couple of people killed but it wasn't that much of an issue. Again, we got no drop from Gyroscopic Gear so we headed up to the boss. The funny thing is that for the entire run we only got 5 magic cells total. 1 from the crate at the start, 1 from a mob on the first floor, then 3 from the MNK in East side big room. That was it for the entire run. LOL Luckily we only had 4 mages, but only one tank got magic so we could only use 1 tank for the majority of the fight. Luckily though we got some decent chests on the way up and I had a Revitalizer, Fighter's Drink, Fanatics Drink and Fool's Drink. This let me start with two Hundred Fists, which was nice considering that we didn't have two tanks to increase the damage. I did find out something that I did not know before this, and that is that the Fool's Drink and Fanatics Drink do not stack. LOL And sadly I used the Fool's Drink last, so it ruined the benefits of the Fanatics Drink, so I had to put up shadows during Hundred Fists. :( Ah well, I did get both sets of Hundred Fists off before the first set of Brainjacks. I tell you one of the silliest and funniest moments in the game is when you are intensely paying attention to a boss fight, then all of a sudden a rendition of Keystone Cops breaks out and everyone is running everywhere. LOL Over all this fight is so freaking easy and could easily be done under 10 minutes if it wasn't for the Brainjacks which waste 2-3 minutes from all the running around and trying to get hate back on the tanks, and even that isn't very hard. Usually, I just get 2 or 3 hits in and it is back on me. The pathing for LAC and for the charmed players is so bad it is laughable, and LAC even has increased movement speed (I think). No one died during LAC last night at all, and we took it down pretty fast, under 20 minutes from zone up to the last floor to 0%, and that was with some buffing and other prep. The funniest part of the whole thing was when Omoi was scolding Glacian for having his Great Katana on during a Brainjack because Glacian didn't know it would do multiple charms. She kept yelling at him to stop hitting her! LOL We got some decent drops, Phobos's Gauntlets and Tsukikazu Sune-ate. The Gauntlets went to Omoi and the Sune-ate to me! Woot! My first non-15 piece in Salvage after going for almost 6 months now. :) Plus, I have a brand new title to match the one that I got from LBC. After doing LAC and having be such an easy fight, I think its time to try to get some other wins. So we will try Zhayolm and Arrapago bosses soon. We really need to work on getting through Arrapago much more quickly.

Finally, during an Assault run, there was a little bit of a debate between Ninjafox and the NPC.

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