Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Price is Wrong, Bitch!

So, I am going to do it. I am going to trade in my Suppanomimi for a Bushinomimi. The reasons are all listed in my previous post, and I can't really come up with a reason not to do it. If MNK and SAM are stronger than NIN then there is no reason not to do it. If I need to go WAR to something, I will just use Great Axe instead of dual Axes. Speaking of MNK and SAM, I have finally capped out MNK completely, and I am quite proud of myself! :)

MNK Merits:
STR: 5/5
Crit: 4/4
Hand-to-hand: 8/8
Group 1:
Counter: 5/5
Kick Attacks: 5/5
Group 2:
Invigorate: 3/3
Penance: 3/3

I think at some point I will do Critical hit rate down, but I am going to focus on finishing up SAM next. Here are what my merits look like for that right now.

SAM Merits:
STR: 5/5
Crit: 4/4
Great Katana: 1/8
Group 1:
Store TP: 5/5
Meditate: 1/5
Group 2:
Overwhelm: 3/3
Blade Bash: 0/1
Shikikoyo: 0/1
Ikishoten: 0/1

For the Group 2 merits on SAM, I am not positive on what exactly I am going to do with Shikikoyo and Ikishoten. I am definitely going to get Blade Bash because the improvements to the Bash effects makes it a reliable stun now. Shikikoyo while a neat concept just doesn't really seem that it will have many practical applications. Ikishoten, again, is a nice concept but it wont really effect a 6-hit build so I don't know if it will be very useful at all. I may just forgo both of them and put 3 merits into Blade Bash. As for Meditate, it is probably the last thing that I will merit because I haven't decided Meditate over Third Eye yet, once I pick one of them I will put all 5 merits into it.

For other jobs, I have started leveling WHM. Now, I know that I said I would level RDM, but at least I am leveling a mage job. :) WHM is actually really fun, and I am definitely going to take it to 75, and I have already gotten it to level 40 and I got Haste for which I am proud. (That screenshot is of getting level 39, I actually got 40 in a Campaign battle so no level up screenshot for that.) The problem I am having is that I want to level Scholar to be my main subjob for WHM. Light Arts will probably conserve more MP over time than Conserve MP will and it lets me cast some debuffs with a little bit of reliability. But for now, my BLM is the closest to being a real sub job because I have only been able to get to 15 on my Scholar trioing with Izman and Omoi. Now, lets be clear about something here; I hate BLM. I hate it a lot. I hate it so freaking much that I seriously thought about not leveling it as a subjob. It may have been cool back in the day, but now, it just sucks. No one makes skillchains, so its just basically a race to see how many resisted nukes I can get off on one mob before I have to rest again. Sure, I cast Bio, elemental debuffs and the occasional Blind before I start nuking but that is essentially it. The thing that really gets me the most though is that people don't pull. Come on, it's 2008 now, you can figure out how to fight something while you are waiting for Xsavagexavengerx to get back from taking a dump. It really is about the time wasted in these parties, I think, that makes people hate them. Anyway, that was my experience with BLM which is now 21 so I can at least get two more levels on my WHM without being gimp again. I think that is it for jobs for now. I will be aiming to get SAM completed and WHM to 75, then maybe SCH.

Now, here is where I make a big complaint to you my reader. You know that I am stubborn and I will try to do things over and over until I get it right, and I wont give up until I do it, or I find another way. I ask you, my dear reader, why didn't you tell me that Long-Armed Chariot was SO MUCH FREAKING EASIER THAN LBC! >.< LOL We did a Long-Armed Chariot run just to test it out and see what it was like. We got to Long-Armed Chariot with something like 10 minutes left, and we only put me on it to test out our new one tank set-up for bosses. Wow, did we make a big mistake, LOL. We almost killed it in that 10 minutes with just one MNK doing damage and the occasional DD coming in with a Meditated WS. Once we had about 1 minute left, and Long-Armed Chariot was at 36% I just told everyone to go crazy and try to kill it, we got it to about 20% before we were zoned out. The funniest thing was that no one was killed by LAC from straight up fighting it in this 1 minute zerg. LAC was taking way more damage (80-100 per punch o,..,O/) and hitting for way less (200-300 tops) than LBC ever did. So, dear reader, why didn't you tell me this! LOL We still need to do more LBC to get Omoi and Hellz their Ares 25 bodies, and we are going to keep trying but we are going to do some other bosses to see how easy they are too. Man, I love Salvage, but this is just an amazing revelation. I thought that it was insane that people could beat bosses with just 6 people, but now I completely understand, LOL. They were just omitting LBC from the calculation. The next time we go, maybe tonight, we will go for LAC again, and get the win no problem.

Assaults have been mundane except for trying The Price is Right which was pretty tough. The problem is not that the King can't be tanked straight up or that the weapons are that hard to deal with, it's that these issues are difficult to deal with at the same time. So instead of tanking the King straight up next time, we are going to kite him while everyone else kills him straight up. Skur made a good suggestion of THF kiting/tanking the King while everyone else kills the weapons, then just killing the King and we will try that the next time we go. For Versus events things have been pretty busy. First, old business: Jess got Homam hands from the last Omega that we did that I didn't mention before. But the real big winner as of late has been Izman, and rightfully so. Since Sky was fixed Izman has pretty much been locked on Wyrmal Legs from Kirin, and since we focus on Sky a lot more than other LS's we have done a LOT of Kirin's to get the opportunity for him to get them, but they have only dropped one time and that was a day that Iz wasn't online. :( It took over a year for Iz to get his W. Legs and that was with a ton of Kirin's (one week we did something like 7 Kirin's) but finally they dropped, and Omoi even screamed on vent, LOL. Now that Iz, after over a year of getting nothing from Kirin, could finally lot on something else that he has wanted for a long time he lotted on the Osode, and guess what dropped on our second Kirin of the day? You guessed it! And Iz even won the lot. LOL Now, it might seem like Iz got a lot of loot this day, but when you compare it to the number of people that got gear from Kirin while Iz patiently waited on the W. Legs then it all evens out. So right after the second Kirin we were off to San d'Oria to check out Iz's brand new W. Legs. and then later on we went to XP and Iz came on BST in his brand new Osode! Our final event worthy of mention was our first Jailer of Prudence, which went... LOL not well. The first thing we learned: Don't straight tank Prudence. We were pretty easily able to straight tank the first version of Prudence but the second one, not so easily straight tanked. ^.^ So, we wiped and had to sac it. Meaning, I had to sac it. LOL After we worked out that perhaps we should just kite it, and have the BLM nuke it down, things went swimmingly, and surprisingly no Torque dropped. LOL But I did get the honor of lossing 20k in XP. At least we have our first Jailer of Love set, and that was the greater goal for us all.

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