Friday, October 19, 2007

Two variations on a theme.

Ok, I had more good pictures for the blog today, but I have of course forgotten to upload them, it freaking sucks, because Omoi would be featured again for getting Homam Feet for her DRG, and Pb for getting Homam Head for his THF. I think it was our quickest Omega ever, putting us just over 10 minutes total after zoning in. We still need to work on positioning, especially because Omega can shift around a bit at the beginning of the fight. But, ultimately we kicked ass last night. We slightly shifted our strategy in that we had the tanks (Both NIN/DRK) dump all the hate-get JA's as soon as they engaged and let the BLM's knock it down to 80% and its first form shift as fast as possible, once there we had more melee DD's to take it down. It was amazingly fast and even with a little mis-positioning we still wrecked it incredibly fast.

Now, I have like 10 minutes before I leave for the day, going out of town again. This also clinches a week of really crappy blog entries. Sorry about that. I did even have a nice topic for this entry about how end-game LS's tend to work, and how ones manage to survive. I think I will come back to that on Monday. :)

Please forgive this week of suck, I promise more next week.


Anonymous said...

"Please forgive this week of suck, I promise more next week."

That sounds like you're going to try and continue the suck next week. I doubt you can pull it off.
I'll be looking forward to Mondays post.

Omoikitte said...

... :(