Thursday, October 18, 2007

Oops, I did it again.

I freaking forgot to upload my pictures, and at least today I had something to show for everyone. I finally got around to gearing up my WHM, and getting some XP on it. 5k in about what 2 hours? I mean, it was a joke. There was one other semi-competent person in the party and we were joking about how one of the people in the party had to have bought their account because they talked a bug game but didn't even know how to make a WS macro and had a call in almost every macro. At least that was enjoyable, LOL. I have found that I generally like using the keyboard macros for WHM because its always basically the same spells over and over and you have to do very little repositioning. The controller is just fine, but I like the fact that you can do a keyboard macro over basically anything, and I don't think the controller can do that, even though its quicker for me to use the controller for most other things like timing shadows. Anyway, my WHM is almost 26 now, and I can't wait for it to be done. When I am a melee or a tank, or a puller I get to dictate the pace at which the party moves, and I get to determine how fast the XP rolls in. As WHM, I don't get to determine anything at all, and I get idiots telling me that they can't pull when I am still at 2/3 of my MP.

Omoikitte would have a nice picture here of a new suit of Wyrm Mail but since I didn't upload them... >.< She has been waiting for them for a while, and apparently the Beaucidine run went very well with lots of AF dropping. Besides Omoi's Wyrm Mail, Glacian also got a suit of Koga Chainmail for his NIN. I have had limited time to go to Dynamis lately but I have wanted to go more. Its actually pretty crazy, I have been working on going to bed at a reasonable time, which cuts down on my play time a little bit, and I have to travel for work again, which is frustrating and incredibly tiring. I much prefer the summer, when I have no travel, nothing really to take up my time and nothing to get in my way.

I have meetings today, so this will be short today. I think we are doing Omega again tonight, I don't know if I will be tanking even, I might get to come as a DD. After Omega tonight, on Monday we are doing Ultima which we haven't been able to do since our horrible Home Point/DC run with almost no tanks for like 90% of the fight. LOL I think this one will go much more smoothly. :)

And finally, it has been a week and here are the votes for the mage jobs and the results of which job I am going to level next!

WHM - 1
BRD - 2
RDM - 6
BLM - 2

And RDM it is! I knew that pretty much on Monday when it had pulled pretty far ahead of the other jobs. I am looking forward to it, just got to get this WHM out of the way. At least it will be easy to get to 75, LOL. As for the cultural references that no one got (and no, Omoi, sleeping with the fishes isn't one of them, that was too easy), first was "blah, blah that you can take to the blah, blahologist" which was from an early episode of Scrubs. Second, was "off in the nether ether of the net. It's vast and infinite, you know, the net that is..." which was a reference to the line in Ghost in the Shell, which said "The net is vast and infinite" which always seemed quite redundant to me. LOL Finally, there was "Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc" which was the title of the second West Wing episode. :)

And there you have it, more leveling WHM tonight, and when it is finally 37 starting on RDM in earnest. At some point I am going to have to level BLM as a sub, but I am not looking forward to that, and its not going to delay me on my way to leveling RDM.


Omoikitte said...

Kiss goodbye to your inventory space LOL!

Anonymous said...

Level black mage with xp scrolls! For great justice.

Anonymous said...

Weeeee *Snoopy dance* <3 my Koga Chainmail. Yay for Omoi's purplely purpleness.

Also, I second the suggestion of leveing blm with exp scrolls. ^^

-Glacian Out!