Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Yuck, woke up this morning in pain. It sucked. Oh well, I was late and I didn't have any pictures from last night, just a Kings Limbus run and then Assaults, also helped with a XYZ fight, then went to bed.

The Limbus run was great, very easy. I still don't understand why SE hasn't introduced an alternative to Kings. I very much want to do those fights, but camping against other people is just annoying, and even more so when there are lots of bots. I have no doubts that Versus would do Kings if they were instanced. Really, the age of world/contested mobs is over. It is uninteresting, it is too easily abused, and it is not rewarding if you consider the time invested and the low drop rate. I used to think this was ok, not because I didn't want the gear for myself, but because I thought the idea of hard to get items was a good idea. There is some benefit in not having all gear easily obtainable to everyone. But honestly there is no challenge in Kings, it just about the claim, that is all. Salvage is a good example of real challenge, mixed with low drop rates, mixed with "processing" to get a good item. What I mean by processing is that it is something like abjurations, in that you have to get certain items to mixed with the NM drop to get the complete item. This is good for everyone, crafters, NM campers, etc. I still think that Salvage needs some kind of intermediate rewards, but outside of that Salvage to me is the best thing in the game right now.

Assault is actually a lot better than most people give it credit for, and honestly I think that is because most people are too lazy to do it. I started my entire LS doing Assaults because its actually much easier to do it that way. We let everyone come if they want to but there is no requirement. Generally I try to get in at least 1-2 rank up missions for everyone, which means that some people do missions they have already done, but they still get points. I have heard people that large groups suck for Assault because you don't get a lot of points, but honestly I think Assault is much faster and much less risky with more people. Last night was a great example of an Assault night, we did three Rank 8 missions, got a bunch of points for other people and everything went swimmingly. Game-wise Assault has two different reward levels, gear from AP and also the potential drops from the ??? items. You also need to do it to do Salvage, so it is critical to many aspects of ToAU content.

Limbus was a very good example of content done well also, and I just hope that SE follows the same pattern for future content in the next expansion. :)

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