Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Failure in Success.

I even uploaded the pictures today, but then I forgot to publish the freaking post. It really wasn't much that you are missing. Just another weird looking crystal in Sky and my new Counter merits. Up to three now. I had a really good XP party last night after Salvage. Izman, Samuraisoldier, Glacian, Achikasama, Omoi and I. Got a good two merits in about an hour and a half, moving closer to fully meriting my MNK. I am going to talk about Salvage again for a minute, but this is a better problem than we have been having before. Last night, the run went so well that it almost went too well. I think there were a lot of places that we could have spent time differently, and now that I think that the Archaic Chariot is a forgone conclusion, we will now be focusing on some of the NM's that we have been skipping. The only problem that I am having is that I have runs planned out with the amount of time we used to be able to do things in, and now that we have changed things up a bit things are loosening up and we have more time. So in the future we are going to add in more NM's. I still wish I could find a few more people that would be willing to do this more often. It just seems with Salvage the more you do it the more you are rewarded. Going two times a week isn't going to cut it. It's a percentages game.

Had a busy day and didn't feel like writing a whole lot. So this is what you get today.

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