Thursday, September 20, 2007

Things forgotten.

I really didn't do much besides level MNK last night, which I got to 67. I had a nice picture with Piperz, Jess and Kingscissom which I forgot to upload last night. So you get nothing really today. But in the steed of more MNK talk and how I can't wait to finally get to a level with decent gear, I bring you news from Japan. This picture: Now let the two days of rampant speculation begin. The first obvious guess is that the job is Dancer, but honestly it is nondescript enough to be a myriad of jobs, but the prancing pose seems to give the biggest indicator that the job is indeed Dancer. We won't know for sure until late tomorrow night, which will be relatively early Saturday in the JP zone. If you hadn't guessed, this weekend is the Tokyo Game Show, which I conjecture will be when the first wave of information about the expansion will be released. Additionally, there was some information released in a couple of JP gaming magazines. The first indication is that the new avatar could be Atomos. Now this is one of the illustrations from Yoshitaka Amano who for FFXI has been notorious for creating vague and ambiguous drawings, but I think this time we can draw a little more from this artwork. I, at first, thought it was Castle Zvahl, there are some resemblances between the Castle and the huge thing behind the chocobo rider. The spires are of similar design and the picture is now black liek the castle instead of the previous purple/pink/brown versions in previous iterations of Final Fantasy. Here, for example is a previous rendering by Yoshitaka Amano of Atomos: After further inspection though and after reading other suggestions as to the nature of the beast I began to reconsider my initial conclusion and figured that Atomos could be the only possible option. But now I think both options could be right. I see no reason why an avatar like Atomos couldn't ALSO be Castle Zvahl. It would be pretty similar to the whole Alexander thing, which put some doubt in my mind, but the whole dimensional portal/Shadow Lord/Dynamis/Time travel/big nasty castle-Atomos looking thing gives some credence to it. Hopefully, I will have more answers when I get home on Monday, which leads me to telling everyone that I will be gone this weekend, so no entry tomorrow, and no real game play information on Monday, but hopefully there will be more information than there was for today because this entry is kind of short, but I am not feeling well and I really don't have much more to say.

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