Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Everyone has a name and a character and gear. This is universal, you can identify people by their name, or by their character or by their gear. We do this with friends, enemies and well known people. E-body and Ridill, Salvage gear, white boxes, relics, these are good indicators, there are bad indicators also. Brass caps, Leather and Lizard gear, level 10 Conquest gear. These indicate that you are RMT, and they also indicate that it is very funny when you can't handle an imp in the mire at level 70. The funny thing was watching these RMT's lose level 70 3 times while we were camping on top of them. The RMT are losing money because their gear is usually horrible for their mages but its now their melee too. This group is also just horrible, pretty obviously botting stun and the whole group was being played by two people. Anyway, I hope those people in real life die in a train wreck.

As you can also see in that picture I have gotten my MNK to 66. I am going to only level MNK until it is 75. Once I get to 67 I can readily XP in the Mire where the XP is ridiculously good for how fast you can kill things, and hopefully I will at least get to 67 today. I will be away this weekend which is going to suck, because I was really looking forward to this weekends events, Assault, Sky, 3 or 4 Jailers of Fortitude, then Salvage, all missed. >.< Anyway, I would like to get some Dune Boots soon, so that will mean some time in Quicksand Caves. I am not exactly clear on the spawn conditions for Sabotender Bailarina so I will just be killing some cactuars in the near future. MNK is very plain jane right now, with little gear swapping and little differences between the levels, the next update in ability, gear or WS will not be until 70 and then the good bulk of it will not be until 71. Then there is a ton of difference from there to 75. Now is also a good time for me to start focusing on Black Belt items, including doing some KSNMs like Horns of War and heading to HNM camps to see if any of the LS's are willing to let me lot on the items.

More names. Lets talk about gear defining a name next. Jess and Blaize, both with new gear, and both are for their feet. Jess got Homam feet from our Omega. Blaize got Skadi feet from Salvage. I am proud of the accomplishments of my friends. :)

Finally, some people are not defined by their gear or their name or some other material thing, instead then are defined by something different, something more abstract, something... cute. :) Anyway, I think thats it for today. Yesterday was rather mundane, Sky and a very unlucky Salvage run. Still got a level 15 WHM item for Omoi, which is a drop from the gears on the fifth floor so they are nice to have but not that important in the grand scheme of things. I can't wait until my MNK is 75 and I can take that to Salvage.

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Anonymous said...

the lvl up with the RMT dead at our feet was the best SS i have seen that is just so sexy, but i think we are what make that SS sexy. could you hurry and get the blog started so i can read. K