Friday, August 31, 2007

Well Wishing.

Finally a moment of peace.

First, I want to mention Aable. He is going in for his last surgery today and I and everyone will miss him until he returns. So, send him a PoL message or something, and maybe after this last surgery he will be able to finally poop like everyone else. :)

Now, about the game. When I said there was a problem yesterday, I didn't know how right I was. Apparently, almost all of the damage calculations in the game right now appear to be, at some fundamental level, broken. There is the obvious problem with two handed weapon users doing too much damage, but also the problem of dual-wielders having issues of hitting a too low pDIF cap. Also, some mobs appear to be having this issue, and also there appears to be and issue with resist rates or the skill level of certain monsters in the game.

My guess is that this may take a couple of days to fix, but that when it is fixed is the first time we will really understand what SE's true intention was for the two-handed weapon update.

So, for now, I am not really going to take this as reality. Sure, I will XP on my SAM instead of my NIN for a while, but I am not going to buy any gear or change my set up in anyway to take advantage of something that will most likely be changed in the near future, and even after they change the damage calculation I am going to wait a few days because I want to make sure they get it right first. LOL I mean, for example, we were doing Temenos, the first tier one with the beastmen, and I got this one one of the seventh fllor goblins: No crit, no double attack. That is just straight up regular damage with Hasso and Berserk up. It just doesn't feel right, like I didn't earn it our something. LOL Well, it does help with meriting though. Last night we had an XP party with NIN, SAM, SAM, DRG, SMN, WHM. The NIN was having problems I think, he rarely voked and just let everyone else tank it seemed. :/ They were 73 anyway and I don't think they were going to be able to keep hate for more than a second or two, but the other SAM (Svool, who had a sweet Maat's Cap) and I were using Soboros for most of the time and that meant that were WS so often that the NIN didn't even get to WS until the 3 mob we fought. I just don't think a 40 base damage weapon should be hitting for 1300+ with Seigan up. Just doesn't seem fair at all. I will update information as soon as they fix all these issues.

Also in Limbus last night we got BLM, NIN and THF and very much desired items for AF upgrades. The BLM went to Lilkathy that is probably going to use it for her BLM hat. :) We also finished another first tier set for Ultima, so we should be doing another Ultima within two weeks. After Limbus, a couple of us went out to help Borin and Izman to get some of their ToAU missions completed. This fight was really easy and quick. I remember it being a little more difficult but not much, the added damage probably just made the fight go more quickly. As those that needed them headed out to finished up some CS's, we headed to Dvucca Isle and met up and did the Assault mission with the Lamias. It went very quickly and very well, and everyone got up to the point where they needed to wait for a JP midnight. Depending on what time we get started tonight, we may try to get all of the missions complete for ToAU and get our new rings, flags and Glory Crown. The rewards you might ask?

Ulthalam's Ring Jalzahn's Ring and Balrahn's Ring Now, you may have probably guessed by now but I will be getting the melee ring, Ulthalam's Ring. This is for a couple of reasons. 1. I am not overly concerned with accuracy on my two-handed weapon jobs right now (even though it might change, but I have reason to believe that the statistics enhancements will not be what is changing) and I generally use sushi on my dual-wield jobs anyway. In both cases I am overaccurate, so losing one accuracy for 4 attack is a good trade off. Also, for Assault and Salvage this ring appears to have the absolute best stats. I would use definitely use it full time for those events, instead of using my Flame Ring. This is because for NIN the Jin modifiers are very high, for my WAR which always dual-wields and uses Rampage, it, in essence, has +4 STR, +6 Attack and +6 Accuracy for those events, and for my two-hander jobs it has +4 STR, +4 DEX, +8 Attack and +8 Accuracy, and that is before I even consider the Regen bonus. Jalzahn's Ring would be pretty good, because its hard to find ranged accuracy and ranged attack in the same place, but honestly I can't see picking this over the melee ring, and the in Assault/Salvage bonus is just pretty much crap compared to the melee ring. Finally, the mage ring is probably extremely good for Assault and Salvage, but is of greatly less importance outside of that. I have heard it mentioned that it is fantastic for BRD's because they lack magic accuracy gear, but I don't know if that is true or not as I don't know much about BRD. Ultimately, these rings are a bit of a let down compared to how good the rewards are from Divine Might and CoP. CoP are pretty much the best reward items, while Divine Might have a couple of good ones and a couple that are pretty poor. Overall, I think its weird that they made a RNG/COR-only ring basically, but it does have better base stats than the other rings even if the Assault bonuses aren't nearly as good.

After Borin went to bed and Izman d/c'ed (;_;) Hellz and I went to XP as mentioned before, I only got about a merit or so while XP because it was late and I could only last about an hour and the fact that our first NIN went AFK, then when they finally came back informed us that he needed to take the Ferry to Nashmau because he did not have the Azouph Isle Staging Point. o.o; Yes, a year after the expansion was released there are still people that don't have their Staging Points, not only that but they don't have the easiest Staging Point to get to. How did this guy even get to this level? Anyway, after he informed us of this fact, AFTER being AFK with everyone else waiting on him for over 20 minutes, we just dumped him and picked up a nice JP NIN that didn't really want to voke. LOL How do these people get past level 50? Now, I can understand a new player under say level 60 not having any of their Staging Points, although I would never let that happen myself, but to not at very least have the common XP Staging Points above level 70 is just stupid. Why not instead of standing around in Aht Urhgan, you take a quick run out to the places that EVERYONE XP's at? It's annoying and its rude. >.< Anyway, the party was great, but I had to end up pulling because we didn't really have a puller, or more like just a voker, because the NIN wasn't doing it. And this was fine until I voked a fly that was too closer to another one, then a Jnun spawned next to me, Seigan doesn't do much when you have three mobs on you and it does down after about 15 seconds. Still had fun playing with this broken damage on my Katana, and I will continue to enjoy it until they fix it. :)

Get healed up Aable, can't wait for you to return!


Anonymous said...

.....I saw that Tachi: Gekko ...
it was like you were swinging a Scythe :P

Hellzfury said...

My power went out last night >.< I'll assume that everything went alright though. We were mowing down the mobs pretty fast. I still feel bad for the nin though, so many WS going off lol

Anonymous said...

lol dmg is broken allright
my DRG is atm lvl 66 and i'm pulling 1200+ Skewers out of my ass On T-VT Colibries regulary
and the DRK in pt easely hit 1700 at times using souleater and hmm can't remember the WS lol

only the thf kinda felt left out,

Greetings from a Giddy Kitty

Anonymous said...

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